View Full Version : Glass thrones

05-10-15, 03:16 AM
Today is just like every other day except I'm not the same way I was yesterday
The clocks all stopped and I stop and feel the breeze
My arms stretch as I walk and I think for a minute I can fly
They tell me one day I will die
If that's true than am I really alive?
If this moment feels like all of my past, present and future entwined than I already died and now i'm just living in the shadow of what was my life
I could mourn and I could cry
I could jump off a mountain to make a statement about my life
But life is bigger than you
And it's bigger than me
So lets hold hands and make believe as we breathe for this one time
You ask me questions but my pockets are empty
I only have stones to build a wall
You jump as I fall
I see your eyes
I smile as you cry
and some how this day became yours and mine
I whisper your name but the leaves fall and the flowers fade
And time feels like its erased when shadows come and memories fade
But when I realized I never knew what to call you because you couldn't remember your name
I realized life was beautiful because nothing stays the same
We were never really were here to begin with we just wanted to believe what we were told
From where we came
But we're all ghosts living only as another beings memories
We were never really meant to be happy we were just meant to see whats been seen because love is necessary and life is just a dream