View Full Version : Que?

05-11-15, 02:20 AM
Should I stop asking what is
Should I stop saying why?
Should I stop asking questions
Am I just scared to try?
Am I alive?
Do I care about this?
Do I know why?
But I try
I stop
And I sigh
I greet
And I cry
I wait
And I die
I swallow my pride
But Im just living a lie
I can only see their world
But I cant see why
Even as I wait in sorrow
Is there something im missing or are they just missing tomorrow?
Is there somethimg funny?
You're all laughing
Something Is missing
Nothing is funny
Nothing is right
So ill just take these pills
Till my pupils dialate
And I see the light
Ill wait till they work
And I wont ask why
But It wont heal the pain
Because It cant save my mind
Because everyones busy building
And no one is asking why