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05-12-15, 02:46 PM
First post and it's a bit of a chore:

Years ago I was spending time in a Los Angeles hotel with family around Christmas time and I happened upon what looked like a PBS show regarding ADD and ADHD.:confused:

The Bulls had just lost to the Lakers on Christmas Day, so I was lost in scrolling through hotel TV stations. I stayed for a moment and was immediately drawn in. The energetic host - black hair, tall and tanned - of what turned out to be a telethon was an actor from Hollywood. Not someone you'd readily recognize, but he was as charismatic as anyone could be. He had a wife and spoke on their relationships. He had a family and spoke on how things evolved while he figured things out.

He identified behaviors in a way that I hadn't perceived and it was an eye-opening experience to watch it. I've taken so much from what I watched with me to this day. For instance:

-Those with ADD and ADHD don't necessarily have an inability to focus, they may be focusing on the wrong things.
(While this quote above is spoken, we see the host, in a dark blazer, walking away from the camera, down a grocery store aisle. His attention is drawn to a running television, like something you'd see at a Sam's Club or Costco. Another man walking towards the camera sees the TV and stops, as well. CUT TO: both men, sitting comically in fold-out lawn chairs, watching TV in the middle of the aisle):lol:

He also spoke to certain aspects of one's life that come apart because of the difficulty in managing ADD/ADHD. Relationships, work, everyday tasks...most of the categories in the rest of this forum, truthfully.

I remember that it, the whole movie, was bisected by visits to a phone bank where a telethon was going on. I never wrote things down and I never thought to look it up and now, as the years have passed, I would love to hear what this guy had to say again.

If there's anywhere I should check for this besides Google (Went 20 pages deep with 5 different word-jumbled searches) or if there's any info someone out there could help me with, I swear I'll dance at your wedding or take care of your cats. Been thinking about this for years now and finally thought about asking this forum.

:thankyou:Thanks for the help.:thankyou:

It's sincerely appreciated.

05-12-15, 07:36 PM
I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but
"ADD and Loving It" with Rick Green and Patrick McKenna
(Canadian comedians who both have ADHD)
made a splash a few years ago.

Here's a blurb from a PBS station about it...maybe you'll recognize the actors or the fundraising swag... :)

05-13-15, 08:32 AM
During pledge weeks, I've seen my local station air something akin to a webinar by Dr. Daniel Amen. His views may not be mainstream but his stuff is pretty accessible.

This is what I'm talking about: