View Full Version : OCD rituals change?

05-13-15, 03:27 PM
I was wondering do any of your OCD rituals change over time? Like do you stop doing a certain ritual?

05-13-15, 04:03 PM
Some of mine seem to come and go and some just feel permanent.

Excessive hand cleanliness comes and goes with me but checking doors being locked is always there.

Counting is another one. Sometimes, I count lots of things and other times just certain things. If I see a train, I have to count the cars. Every morning, I have to count how many swipes of deodorant I put on under each arm. Usually it's five but the number isn't as important as my pits being balanced.

OCD is so weird. I know my rituals usually make no sense but there is such a compelling force to do it anyway. If I don't, I will obsessively think about it. Usually, it's just much easier to give in to the ritual than to fight it.