View Full Version : The Tyranny of Normal

05-14-15, 10:22 AM
I read this interview ( great interest. I know it primarily has to do with physical rehabilitation and physical disabilities, but I think there's an element to this idea of constantly being compared to a standard seen as "normal" - a standard that many of us may not be able to attain however hard we may work towards that goal- that we can relate to.

I know that when I was in school, I got tired of having to focus on my deficits. The bits of me that were "abnormal." Yeah, it got me the help I needed, and unlike the IEPs of today, I wasn't constantly trying to meet clearly-delineated goals, but I get how tiring it must be to consistently see yourself being compared to a standard that is impossible for you to achieve.

I'm curious to see what can happen with a shift in focus from achieving "normality" and independence to figuring out systems that help us navigate a world that clearly isn't built for us.