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05-15-15, 01:56 PM
Ive been wondering if my behaviors and thoughts are related to ocd or if it is just from hyperfocus and perfectionism. I really have no background on ocd but Ive done a bit of research on symptoms and most of them don't apply to me, or if they do, on a much less extreme. But I am looking for a reason for my abnormal behaviors.
Here are my symptoms:
1- perfectionism- everything must be perfect, dwell over my imperfections
2- if anyone moves my personal items I flip out- for example when my cleaning cleans my room and she moves my things around, it makes me feel out of control and I get really angry
3- I get obsessive thoughts about certain people- but usually new people or people that im intimidated by
4- I have some routines of how I do things and If I change that then I get all confused
5- I need consistency- very inflexible to change
6- As a kid I was always counting things but I dont do that anymore

I think that's pretty much all. I dont have intrusive thoughts about people getting injured or things like that and I dont have fears of illness or germs...
Does it sound like ocd? Can it be from adhd hyperfocus? Or is it just part of me?!

05-16-15, 05:51 PM
Keep in mind this is no way a diagnosis, nor am I proposing to be a dr.or have knowledge beyond a standard lay person. You should certainly talk to a dr. if you have concerns.

You might want to research obsessive compulsive personality disorder. This is different from OCD. OCD actually causes a significant disruption in a persons life.

OCD has a compulsion component that the person needs to do in order to reduce their anxiety. This is something that the person HAS TO DO in order relieve their anxiety. The compulsion would be something like rituals, counting, cleaning, etc.

05-17-15, 11:18 AM
It could be a slight case of OCD or obsessive personality disorder or autism or a combination.

05-17-15, 07:16 PM
the tendencies all tend to show up all the time, at different times or whatever

in all of these different labels we all have

just coping mechanisms id say

06-06-15, 02:18 AM
None of this is hyperfocus. Believe me I have that issue and this isn't it lol

It sounds like a mild form of autism but you need to be careful with diagnosing. Like the others have stated go talk to a specialist and tell him these things.

Hyperfocus is the inability to shift focus or difficulty changing tasks. My main issue is the hyperfocus where I get tunnel vision when I'm in to something or I get hyper focused on a subject and its on my mind for weeks sometimes months maybe longer.

People with add get some of the things from the autism spectrum but they are different. As well with ocd there could be overlap but you sound like a mild case. We all have it to an extent. I have an obsessive personality trait but I don't do rituals compulsios or have harmful thoughts or need order symmetry or have fears of contamination etc.

If anything I am extremely unorganized, perfectionsim traits usually come with add. I am not a perfectionist but I am hard on myself when I have short comings and I so hold myself to high standards. This dosnt mean that things need to be perfect or I need to re read my work 50 million times. I do re read my work and its usually because I take pride in my writing. I also re read things because they don't sink in the first time lol

People with add are very critical and I believe it's usually coping mechanisms so we don't "screw everything up this time" so to speak.

Go get a diagnosis or talk to a psych and take everything you hear with a grain of salt. There's a lot of add-uneducated ones out there

07-13-15, 11:10 AM
You know you are not alone. This has bothered me for the longest time. I obsess, and mean really obsess over the most insignificant little things. I like to use games as an example because I used to play them a lot. Games that require you to create your own character or make choices I struggle to find enjoyable. As much as I like the game I absolutely cannot stop obsessing over my characters appearance or a choice I made. Oddly, If I know I'm able to change it later it won't bother me at all. It affects me in life too but I like to use that as an example of how my obsessive perfectionism sucks the joy out of things I like.

One thing that is very disruptive to me in life is I obsess over my girlfriend's past relationships which drive me completely crazy at times. It went away for a while when I became very stressed do to a tree falling on my car but it's coming back in.

I also had strange tics as a kid. I was always making this strange motion with my hands where i'd stretch my fingers apart then rub them together. I don't remember much but my family said I pretty much physically could not grab something or pick something up or use my hands in general without doing that tic first. I also used to get this odd feeling whenever I would turn. Like if I turned left I would HAVE to turn equal distance right. If I did a 180 I would feel weird until i did a 360 in the opposite direction. I'm not sure if the feeling was anxiety because I struggle to understand what I feel in general.

Sorry for the rant. I got kind of excited that someone else has disruptive obsessions like me!

07-13-15, 11:35 AM
I don't know if this is ADHD or just obsessive thoughts. Every morning soon after I wake, I have continuous thoughts of old friends that have let me down or done me wrong. Some of these people I haven't spoken to or seen in many years.

I don't know why I start out the day fretting over lost relationships. Every morning I feel hurt thinking about why these people have let me down or no longer attempt to stay in contact with me. Why do these "friends" make no effort to maintain our relationship is the question which bothers me each morning.

I also think about the many relationships I have built here. It bothers me when relationships just disappear for no reason. I often wonder how some can make friends here and just disappear without any explanation. Perhaps, I view relationships as being more meaningful than other people do. It hurts my feelings and I spend lots of time thinking about why this happened.

I don't know why but the early morning is the worst. I can't think of anything else besides the friends I have lost for one reason or another.

Little Missy
07-13-15, 12:28 PM
Early evening is when I obsess over regrets, losses, and the woulda-coulda-shouldas. It is very painful and it impedes me in being able to do anything except to go home as fast as I am able to.
I am an extremely sensitive person, so much so that I am unable to do or see many things because I feel so strongly about them.

07-13-15, 02:49 PM
Hyperfocus: There is a goal, and you pursue that goal with seemingly superhuman concentration.

NOT hyperfocus: what you described. :)

07-13-15, 11:39 PM
Hyperfocus: There is a goal, and you pursue that goal with seemingly superhuman concentration.

NOT hyperfocus: what you described. :)

I was wondering if mine were related to ADHD or just obsessive thoughts related to OCD. I don't seem to have any compulsions related to this. Just subconscious ques in the morning that lead to conscious obsessive thoughts and concerns. These thoughts wane about 30 minutes after I awake probably because I have a stressful commute to worry about next. Mine is probably all anxiety/OCD related I believe.

I don't think with Hyper focus there is a goal besides getting more stimulation from it perhaps. Hyper focus isn't necessarily goal oriented, positive, or consisting of superhuman concentration and motivation. That sounds more like flow or zone.

Little Missy
07-14-15, 08:07 AM
Oh golly Hound, a long commute around where you live would send me over the edge. I am in awe of how well you handle things.

I believe most of us simply do the best that we are able to by the minute, the hour or the day.