View Full Version : important trait of successful studies

05-16-15, 08:52 AM
I just remembered something that was so crucial to my ability to pass many classes. First of all, if I really hated how a teacher was teaching, I would have to drop because it would really kill an otherwise difficult but possible subject for me.

But a really useful skill I developed super early on, was to sit and just interact with my materials for a little while prior to studying! I would thumb through the book and review (skim) what I had recently read. I would look at the notes from the past couple of classes too, to remember what I am studying now, in relation to what I just studied!

I reviewed my materials often. I never small talked in class. I would have my notes out and be reviewing again.

I basically did understand, but only on an unconscious level, how critical it was for me to orient myself into the spot in that class' subject and what we were doing at the time.

Every time I tested, I had reviews and also would use Mnemonic devices to remember stupid lists of things or categories, etc. I sometimes made up songs to remember things too.

I would chain smoke like a freak and chug coffee at school too, which is awful. I would much rather have known of my ADHD and been medicated! I would still have used all the above devices to succeed.

On the other hand, the cloud of smoke around me was sufficient to repell even the most determined chatty cathy or pretentious college perv. lol so it was helpful to isolate me. Hey, there are other ways to isolate too, such as just looking at people really weird when they start randomly talking, and always pretend to be really dumb too because they like to target smart people to piggy back off their efforts for a better grade!