View Full Version : Thunder and lightning

05-19-15, 04:43 PM
Does it set anyone else's sensitivities off? Or is it just me being weird? :doh:

05-19-15, 05:29 PM
I bloody love it! I remember one time when I was in Spain, I could see a huge storm far out at sea, seeing the lightning and hearing the delayed thunder from miles away.. Incredible sight!

05-19-15, 09:37 PM
Sometimes it weirds me out a little! But right now the thunder is rumbling and I'm thinking how much we really need the rain. And that makes me feel better :)

Little Missy
05-19-15, 09:51 PM
I love it so much I stand outside and sniff the air.

05-19-15, 10:07 PM"]


05-19-15, 10:38 PM
I love it too. I am in awe of Mother Nature and the wildest of weather.

05-20-15, 02:50 AM
I actually like it, but only during my waking hours. Volcanoes and thunderstorms are wonderful displays of nature's awesomeness.

When its dark and night and I have to sleep it is way different though. I totally can not stand that startle reflex you get when everything is suddenly lit up. So when there is a thunderstorm at night, I switch on the lights. Its not fear or anything, its just the startle.

05-20-15, 03:58 AM
I love it when it is a "regular" thunderstorm but there is so much severe weather in MN, that it upsets me when there is thunder that's very loud and very close.
We get them less frequently here and sometimes it's just a bit of thunder then pouring rain and it DOESN'T COOL OFF OUTSIDE AFTERWARDS. everything feels horrible.

05-27-15, 08:07 AM
It's very much love/hate for me. Any kind of loud, unpredictable sound drives my startle response into overdrive. Add actual danger to the situation (like an electrical storm that I'm standing in the middle of) and I hate it. If I'm safely ensconced at home, I kind of don't mind the excitement.

Then again, summer thunderstorms are sort of a regular occurrence here on the East Coast. When I lived in the UK, I think I saw 2 in the 3 years I was there, so it would be a much rarer and less familiar phenomenon. That would definitely freak me out more.

05-27-15, 04:19 PM
I love it, but I can understand why you'd be startled by it. The sudden bursts of light and powerful noises can be scary if you have anxiety. All animals are scared by it, so it might be an instinctive fear.