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05-20-15, 05:24 PM
After some research and recommendation from a friend who is doing that, i decided to giving it a go, starting from tomorrow i will be practicing a Ketogenic diet.
My friend reported general better functioning, better alertness and focus, better results when working seems like it is helping her and improved a lot of her cognitive functions.

Anyone here tried it and can share impressions?

11-17-15, 10:27 PM
How is it working for you?
I'm just starting it now.

11-18-15, 12:09 AM
It's not an easy diet to follow. At our house we have gone lo-carb and have seen improvements in my youngest granddaughter.

She has diabetes type 2 and autism.

11-18-15, 12:20 AM
Isn't it very similar to Adkins induction phase in terms of the principles of foods? From what I do know of it, it can create awesome short term effects, but can be extremely hard to sustain long term.. Any diet needs sustaining power for it to be a lifestyle change.. I know when I did atkins years ago, once I had even a cheat meal I considered the day ruined and I couldn't break the all or nothing rule.. Short term yes it can in fact create awesome fast results, but unless used for illness purposes i think it may be really hard long term.. In my opinion and experience at least. I'm not disciplined or can sustain it long term.

My roommate will go on detox plans or juice diets,, and after like three days give up.. Its hard for many people to be On a diet that is so restrictive.. I would love to know how to discipline myself to change my entire food intact,, but for me I'm finding small steps at a time and not feeling so deep end dIve in is my healthiest option

11-18-15, 01:33 AM
I personally find moderate improvement in my well being when I eat similarly to what this diet dictates. I feel better when I consume more fats and decent amounts of protein. I stumbled apon this years ago. High Fats and good protein give me a steady stream of energy.

Best of luck, I wish to hear how you find it.