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05-22-15, 10:17 PM
This thread is meant to discuss goodGRIEF and how the negative feeling PANIC/GRIEF primary emotional response system can promote survival.


Crying is goodGRIEF, when crying helps reunite a child and caregiver, after becoming separated in a crowd, etc.

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05-23-15, 09:58 AM
"emotional communication"

It is pretty obvious why young animals cry when separated from their mothers.

There is an adaptive value in such childhood misery, because when very young animals feel frightened and alone, their cries alert parents to come rescue them.

Imagine the striking image of a young sea otter on the open sea, completely dependent on its mother for food and care.

When a mother dives into the depths in search of sustenance, she must leave her infant unattended for many minutes.

In her absence, the youngster becomes agitated and cries persistently.

These DV's [Distress Vocalization's] which some scientists also refer to as "isolation calls," alert the mother where her baby is to be found.

If there were no such emotional communication, a mother otter that has lost her bearings while diving might be permanently separated from her infant, who would then be lost forever.

Thus, the security, indeed survival, of the infant is unequivocally linked to the audio-vocal thread of attachment that joins it to its mother.

Panksepp/Biven, "The Archaeology of Mind", (Chapter: Born to Cry), p 317.