View Full Version : Short story comp.

04-21-05, 03:02 AM
I will judge a short story comp. Your short storie must be between 200-250 words long for it to count. Here's Mine.

All I had on my mind was the car in front of me, because if I lost sight of it all the people in my car would be doomed. There was blood and sweat dripping into my eyes and it stung like hell. There were shouts, gun shots and explosions everywhere and it was driving me insane.

I was struggling to follow the car. There was a gunner on top of the car in front of me, the reason I used the word “was” is because the gunner no had n head and was slumped over the gun like a puppet.

The car in front suddenly made a sudden turn to the right, I don't know how but I also made the turn. Still staring at the car in front not paying attention to anything else I didn't notice that it had stopped. I realised that it had stopped only when I was five meters from it going at 140km/h. Everything went into slow motion, I slammed my foot on the brake and hit the horn, the men in the back were screaming. I watched as the first thing hit the back of the other car it was the headlight and it just smashed and just like that everything went back to normal speed and we hit at 139km/h. No one survived. :faint: