View Full Version : Dont seems like Effexor helps!

05-25-15, 01:35 PM
Well i had to start a new Ad to combat my depression that has been getting worse lately, have been on Vyvanse for 3-4 months. Started Effexor for 5 weeks ago at 75 mg and have gone up to 150 mg and its not doing its job. It was fine the first day i increased the dossage, but the second day my depression was the same, its not doing anything at all for me.

Have been on Cymbalta previously all the way up to 90 mg and that didnt do much either as it popped out on me.

So my big question, is Effexor and Cymbalta to simular in how they work? So what can i switch to that works with Vyvanse?

Thx from Norway for all help i can get

05-25-15, 11:13 PM
Generally these medications can take up to a few months to show the full effect. If you increased dosage, I would give it time.

06-01-15, 12:46 PM
Dropped 150 mg Effexor today, and back to 60 mg Cymbalta. Really hated Effexor at 150 mg, got drowsy and lost all motivation. Just hope it all goes well the next few days.