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05-28-15, 02:43 PM
Well, finally got my account login issue fixed so here I am. Might be a bit long this first post, need to get it off my chest.

Anyway, I have a soon to be 7 yr old little guy who has recently been diagnosed with ADHD. We've known for about a year that something was a little off, he's been seeing a Speech Therapist about a delay in talking ability of about a year or so, and after starting grade one on feedback from his new teacher decided to get a private full evaluation done with a child Psychologist. After many sessions (about 9 hours worth), feedback from us and his teacher, down came the diagnosis. ADHD with associated LD. On advise from the psychologist and our family doctor we've started him on Biphentin (for about 3 months now) slowly upping the dosage as instructed, with monthly visits back to the family doctor. I can't say strongly enough how happy we have been with the doctors.

He's actually advanced in most academic areas, reading and math at G2 level. We were hesetent about the meds route when we stared the evaluation, but at the feedback session when the Psychologist brought up the topic of meds, she told us the options, including taking a wait and see aproach. I asked her what she would do if he were her son, and she said looking directly at me that she would do it. So here we are.

Although he's got a combined diagnosis, he's quite behaved in school. There it manifests itself as inattentive. When at home he has more of the hyper tendancies, especially when the meds wear off. He has quiet an anxious streak to him, finding it hard to play with other kids his age, and not liking changes, which is why it really came to a head at the beginning of G1 where it was a new school, teacher and classmates.

The great news at school though is that we've already had a session with the school, teacher and psychologist, and they seem really happy that we did this and we see no issue with getting an IEP that will help him. Since he's not disruptive in class, and academically quite good (Mostly B student) we think small accomodations will be all he needs for now. Maybe a little extra one-on-one time to expain things in a way he gets.

He's our only kid, and we're gonna do whatever is necessary to get him all the help he needs.

Found out recently I have 2 second cousins also with ADHD (they are late teens), so we're on a crash course of what to expect in the coming years.

Thanks for letting me pour that out a little.

05-28-15, 02:57 PM
Hello and welcome to the forum. It sounds like you guys are on top of this and it's wonderful to see. I was diagnosed at 6 years old in 1969. Very little was known about this disorder and the meds to treat it was limited.
Today knowledge and resources, including meds, are much better, not to mention this forum.

Structure is important along with patience and understanding. Keep posting and continue educating yourself!

I wish good things for you!

05-28-15, 05:38 PM
Welcome to the neighborhood! And thanks for making the time to join the forum and share your story to give others with similar struggles some hope.

05-28-15, 06:20 PM
Hi, welcome! Good to see you're being proactive and advocating for your guy.

There's some great information in stickied posts at the top of the parenting
forum here. Check 'em out.

06-05-15, 11:44 AM
Welcome. You are your childs' best advocate.

06-08-15, 02:58 PM
Thanks for all the good wishes. It's a struggle on my part to stay level headed, but I'm improving everyday in how I handle things and want to be the best Dad I can be. As I said, I'm happy so far in the way the School is working on everything, and to be honest he has a fairly mild type, but we're determined to give him all the support he needs going forward.

06-09-15, 10:48 PM
Thanks for letting me pour that out a little.

You didnt mention any ADHD symptoms in your opening post.

I don't believe the speech issues are adhd but i could be wrong. I guess it is the general LD you are referring to that is co-morbid? (co-morbid meaning another condition in addition to adhd)

He's a good student. Great. Glad to hear

What ADHD symptoms are his meds going to target? I'm curious there. Do meds help with speech difficulties?

Anyway, you sound like a great dad. What matters is, you care and are willing to learn what your kid needs.

06-10-15, 12:38 PM
He's diagnosed ADHD Combined, though mainly Inattentive at school. He has co-morbid high functioning LD(which impacts most visibly on the speech side, where he comes across as a bit jumbled on how he talks) and Anxiety (which comes across as very shy).
In pure logic based skills (reading, math, memorization) he is in the 96-98 percentile, reading and math at a late grade 2 level (he's grade 1), which is great, but struggles if he's asked any open ended questions or has to summarize (pure fact questions he's great at).
The symptoms the meds are given to him for are of course the inattentive and hyper. We're still trying to find the right dose and type, but overall it's been positive and are happy with the decision. The psychologist would also like to monitor the language side since, and I'm paraphrasing here, in some cases the meds can give internal clarity to a persons thoughts, and in turn he could create coping mechanisms that will help him improve thought processes and language skills. Not sure if that makes sense how I phrased it, but it's not so much that the meds help with the speech, but will help him create his own coping mechanisms to help him with that an other things.