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05-28-15, 11:39 PM
Great video about the "emotional basis of cognition" by Dr. Mate.

This thread is meant to promote discussion with members interested in the information.

(Posting the video now to give myself and other interested members a chance to review the information more, will quote/post more on the weekends)

05-29-15, 12:04 AM
His book "Scattered Minds" is on my short list to read!! I will watch the video! Thanks!!

05-29-15, 12:25 AM
His book "Scattered Minds" is on my short list to read!! I will watch the video! Thanks!!


Looking forward to discussing the information.

I started reading "Scattered" about 5 years ago, and am still not finished :) .

( I think "Scattered Minds" is titled "Scattered" in the United States?)


05-29-15, 04:59 AM
wow it's interesting how much the doctor wanders the stage during his introduction. That is interesting! sorry I'm commenting about something maybe not relevant. lol

05-29-15, 09:44 AM
"emotional basis of cognition"

Can only be happy when moral.
Can only be moral when we know (completed mind = wisdom = purpose of educaton = global logical consistency with species wellbeing) what moral means.

Prior to morality - individuals have self righteousness - all behaviours no matter how immoral are re-characterized in the individual's mind as moral (selling guns is moral because we are only free if we can buy guns, selling cigarettes is moral as people must have freedom of choice, selling defective xyz is moral because we charge less than functional xyz and people might not be able to afford to pay full price) ... ...

Never gonna' be moral if all you do is immerse yourself in some comforting escapist subject (maths is the general favourite) without venturing out into the big old world of everything else - where we find that we're in quite considerable trouble.
New UN report finds almost no industry profitable if environmental costs were included

Read more:

You can see why people find themselves a small [academic] discipline to occupy - life's simpler (if dramatically shorter for all of us) that way.

05-29-15, 10:10 AM
Emotional basis to cognition.

Understand everything about the world around.
Determine what is good (consistent with morality)
Develop morality
Become moral

The actual point of education.

What Western style education does instead ?
Develop people who're great with some system - but where the system is not in the best interests of people.
The system (money earned through knowing the system eg law, plumbing, bike maintenance) provides reward re-inforcement - and much like drugs addict - so does the molecular discipline addict the individual - warping the individual's mind away from the simple truth (eg in those 3 jobs) that we need to eliminate legal systems, redesign houses so no plumbers are required, redesign bikes so there's little that goes wrong with bikes.

Having people employed to do pointless things prevents us from no longer needing to do pointless things - in exactly the same way that cigarette, heroin and alcohol addicts would object to a world without cigarettes, heroin and alcohol.

Simplest put - it's the simple effect of wiring any behaviour into reward - it creates a compulsion which requires feeding.

With mind - the individual loses all compulsions which're driven by the need for reward.

So where does reward some from ?
Existence in the sun.

We know that music can activate the reward system.
So - why not simple sensory information immersion ie being outside in the sun ?

So what's the motivation for doing anything ?
Incorrect - the motivation is changed from compulsion to volitional meaning that change is measured and actually in the best interests of people.

As suggested by the link in the comment above- when change is driven by compulsion - unsustainable industries which compromise human survival arise.

Motivation simply shifts - recruiting collaboration and enforcing sustainability - innovation (real) will occur at unprecedented levels.
Most of our time, in this world - we disable innovation by forcing competition - which merely results in ascendancy of the 'richest' - which tends to be the dumbest organization swollen on moronic MBA principles selling some agent with addictive potential.

05-30-15, 10:46 AM
Good thing morality is learned, I think.


05-30-15, 08:13 PM
(39:10) ..Dr. Stephen Porges who has done a lot of the work on the neurophysiology that I've conveyed to you some of.

He says in an interview.

"When fear is removed its empowering, if your nervous system is safe, you can do lots of interesting things. When your nervous system detects risk and fear, you can't even sit in your room without being hypervigilant.." (Dr. Stephen Porges)

(-See Dr. Mate, OP video)

When our RAGE system, FEAR system and PANIC/GRIEF system feel safe, we "can do lots of interesting things".


06-02-15, 10:38 PM

(10:50) There was a 9 year old boy who ended up in handcuffs, because the cops where called.

And what happened was that this kid had I think aspergers, one of these diagnosis.

Which is, a, involves poor social processing and poor impulse control among with other features.

And this kid had been bullied and he was very upset, he was screaming, I don't know what he was doing, the teachers in their wisdom decided that what he needed was to be isolated.

And how often we do that to kids, we isolate them.

Well he was put in a room by himself, at which point he really freaked out.

And neurophysiologically he needed something very very different, and I will come to that later.

But what they did was isolated him.

At which point he started throwing things and I think started destroying the furniture and that is when they called the police.

And the police handcuffed this 9 year old.

And the debate afterwards was, oh, was the police right to hand cuff the kid?

But that wasn't the right question.

When you call the police, they are going to do what the police do, which is to restrain.

That is what they are trained to do.

The real question was how come, that well meaning, and I assume well educated teachers, in a major school system, had no understanding, that what the child needed at that moment was emotional closeness with a nurturing adult, to regulate his neurophysiology?

-Dr. Gabor Mate


06-03-15, 04:47 AM
Lack of understanding of the human mind ?
Lack of understanding of variations on the human mind ?
Educational establishments centred around just 1 type of mind - a mind which is numerate, literate, docile, able to control attention, can suspend critical thinking capacity ... ...

Does education have to be as painful as many people find it to be ?

Education is only actually required to teach an individual morality.

Once we're on our way to do what's right - we can pick up whichever mechanical system be it programming, spelling, arithmetic that it's deemed we're required to learn in order to make a moral contribution to society.

But - the mechanical system 'd be gained for reasons of bettering society and not bettering self/maximising earning potential etc ... ...

So - in the scheme I'm describing - the student would WANT to learn what they've elected to learn and would not demand payment for doing whatever they then can do.

In this current world of savaging the moral mind for systematizing capacity - we simply end up with students who use academic success towards individual selfish gain.

06-03-15, 05:49 AM
So the emotional basis to cognition could be rephrased as the human mind's prime directive towards knowing (becoming) morality (moral) guided by an emotional compass.

Normal people feel bad when they think about doing something bad to other people.

But this generally happens in simple cases eg physically hurting another person.

What if what you're doing isn't immediately obviously hurting another person ?

You need a mind to be able to see the consequences of your actions.

And that's the point of true education - to build a mind which knows morality - which makes the individual feel bad if they're about to engage in any behaviour which'll make another person feel bad ... ... but as molecular systematizing minds take hold of the planet ie experts in *every* thing - we find ourselves on a planet with people who aren't sure of anything particularly, beyond their small realm of expertise.

In Peripheral's OP -> The 'expert' teachers *know* no different.

Is private education bad ?
Is public education bad ?
Is it wrong to be of a certain religious type ?
Is it wrong to use a car when you can walk ?

I could list a thousand questions out here - and it's only when the mind can answer these questions that the mind can be said to exist.

Is private education bad ?
Is public education bad ?
Is it wrong to be of a certain religious type ?
Is it wrong to use a car when you can walk ?

1/2 - Until education deals with the generation of moral minds - education itself is 'bad' regardless of how much you pay for it.
3 - We'll find that the very vast majority of people carry a religious affiliation as a label which is not what any of the standard prophets are interested in.
4 - How can it be moral to use a limiting resource ?
Morality (in line with evolution) seeks to make a world which becomes ever better ... ... basing infrastructure upon a limiting resource will mean much pain for future generations as they try and sustainably restructure the systems which their predecessors have embraced. What do you do with all of those fossil fuel hungry war machines, aeroplanes, vehicles generally ... ... non bio-degradable plastics ... ... ?

06-03-15, 01:35 PM
The teachers are not taught about the primary emotional-affective basis of psychology.


06-03-15, 03:22 PM
Orson is cognitively unaware of the 7 primary unconditioned emotional response systems.

And Orson is unaware, Orson is emotionally irritated, when Mork calls.