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05-30-15, 04:12 PM
24th of april and I felt great really helped with my social anxiety and helped motivate me, clear my head and focus a better. it also made things I hate like washing the dishes and washing my clothes etc a piece of cake, ive noticed now that the mood lift it gave me isn't there anymore and I wouldn't say its helping my anxiety any more ive started isolating myself again. I don't think that means its stopped working I just think the happiness side of it has gone as my brain is now used to the medication. its a shame that they cant work like that forever because the first month there my family and pals couldn't believe the difference in me. I have had adhd pi so lack motivation and social anxiety I believe come from being undiagnosed for so long. ive tried lots of ssri's none of them helped my anxiety so I guess I have to face the fact that Dexedrine isn't used to treat anxiety. although for the first month it certainly did. I see my p doc on 17th of june im currently on 5mg dexamfetamine sulphate twice a day.

05-30-15, 04:47 PM
and my damn face going red never been able to combat it, had my bp checked and the doctor said it was great so its not that, its weird I just feel it coming randomly and its only my cheeks that go red, not botchy or anything just hot and red like when you get embarrassed or something.

05-31-15, 05:02 AM
I have seen your worry posts when you started Dexa... i started 10 days ago as well.
look... the 10 mg MOSTLY works for few % of the population because its abit of a little dose.....
my doctor gave me 5 mg and every 2 days increase the dose by 2.5 mg
and so far today 15 mg and i feel anxious outside and foggy.
i found effects on 5-10 mg doses... with the 15 mg yesterday i was happy for almost the entire day and so on the 12.5 mg after the med have left my body at night(not briefly and no not euophoria) so as with one of the days on 12.5 mg...
its just so hard to adjust with this medication.
your doctor was wrong letting you on a low dose for long? i mean you might just be fit for a 15-17.5 mg so the 10 mg will only be that good initially but after a month your body isn`t getting the perfect dose.
i`m just as blurry as you are about the medication except for 2 things
1- Hyperactivity is almost null on almost all doses while the tabs last (8 hrs total max) (but was for a small time on 5 mg)
2-I Enjoy conversations somehow and socializing but still anxious outside (its a lifetime gained thing i guess 100% it won`t leave me that easy)

Hope sharing thoughts helped you... and let me know how it goes with the upper dose (if the medicine worked once, then it will when you know your right dose , chill :) )

05-31-15, 08:17 AM
Yeah when I first started the Dex, I was very Attentive, motivated, energetic, more social, and my Brain was acute. It took me a year to learn that that's not how the Meds are supposed to make me feel. I'm on two 10mg pills 3 times a day and I get all that I want. A more alert and awake Brain that has what it needs for long Focus sessions. As for moods, they vary. Sometimes I get a lot of anxiety as is the case with this morning and all throughout the night, or I get sensitive. But most of the time, it puts me in an overall better mood that is consistent for 6-8 hrs. When it comes to motivation and energy, I don't feel like I lose all of that when I have to do something that I don't want to. Otherwise, I'm pretty normal.