View Full Version : anyone else in their twenties and unemployed?

05-30-15, 05:29 PM
I only got diagnosed with adhd pi last year and lost my last job about 4 years ago, I think half my problem is I don't have anything to focus on to occupy my mind, I end up sitting obsessing about my medication and think about it all the time, I guess the whole point is your not supposed to be thinking about your meds all the time, but im pretty cut off socially through drinking and blackouts, all this was when I couldn't work out what was wrong with me. I need to find something to get up for in the morning and take my mind off my adhd pi diagnoses, im obsessed about it.

05-30-15, 07:51 PM
I've been unemployed for about a year now. I recently turned 22 and lost my job due to my attendance (late six times in one month). I was also under the influence of illegal substances, so it made matters totally worse. After going through treatment, to put it lightly, I haven't returned to work since.

I've been prescribed Wellbutrin and only had that going for me in terms of activity (I only felt active on it). I dropped out of school for a bit and during that time and before I returned I had all this free time. I wanted to make sure I was outside my own home all day--whenever I cooped up all day, it made my mind spin.

One of the things I had to do in order to be at ease is to lay off thinking there was anything going on with me. I mean, yeah, my diagnosis explained a lot of things, but I couldn't let it define who I was. I'm still a person, just different. I know what limits me and I try to leave it at that. It's all about what I can and cannot control. I can't control the way my brain behaves, but I can acknowledge that I'm still pretty clever and can accomplish things differently (even if it takes a long time to finish tasks others can finish much more easily).

It becomes simpler when I don't compare myself to other people, despite this. It can be difficult because it becomes a notion that makes us feel like we're, as people, separated. As for employment, I've accepted I'm not ready for a job just yet--I'm back in school and focusing on that. I suggest trying to find any little activity that stimulates you and distracts you from thinking about your diagnosis.

I feel you, though. It's a challenge.

05-30-15, 07:56 PM
I was unemployed for most of my 20s... lets see.. 2 years in college and 10 months of full time employment.

Unemployed the rest of the time.

I went back to school and work part time when I was 30. I;ve taken 1 6 month leave of absence so far. I turn 33 next week.