View Full Version : Assigned higher-level reading--poor reading/note-taking skills

05-30-15, 05:52 PM
At this point I'm struggling. Reading's a total hassle and I end up wanting throw everything out the window and call it quits.
A part of university life is having to deal with reading. The readings, however, are considerably more extensive and in turn intensive--yeah, there's a lot of reading (aside from required texts, the professors usually assign separate readings--I'm speaking in the perspective of a humanities major, so there is quite an amount of reading on my hands--and it becomes overwhelming to tackle in a week). Due to this, reading becomes a balancing act and it's incredibly intense overall.

I saw the stickied "How does everyone study?" thread and agree/am on the same page as most I've developed a system where I take lecture notes a certain way. Those are lecture notes, though.

I wanted to emphasize, though, on dense reading and note-taking on that reading. I saw a post like this before, and there were good tips. But I totally don't know how to study (dense) readings (this is a student who was lucky he coasted through high school successfully in honors classes because he caught all the material abstractly--I basically didn't read because it always slipped my mind, felt too time-consuming and I only focused on my assignments' corresponding because I'm more a visual learner). The best way to retain information is repetition, and I like to take notes/annotations on the readings.

It's funny that I'm making this post while I'm supposed to read four chapters for my linguistics class, but I digress...but...

I had a pretty late diagnosis (by my 3rd year at university) and it is still considerably difficult to dive into my academic reading. Having no previous experience in this makes it all the more worse (diagnosis explained high school, but I am not faring well in college).

I'm talking about 200~ pages a week, which I have been unable to do. I can't seem to be able to sit through all that reading without closing the book by the fourth page (the book is in small point font and I get lost in all those words--reading and re-reading sentences, etc.)

What reading and note-taking methods do you all use/utilize? I'm on medication now, thankfully, and I've attempted doing these dense readings, but ultimately found myself spending at least three hours on half of it. Some advice and tips would be nice.