View Full Version : Strattera and anxiety

06-01-15, 01:12 PM
I have been on Strattera for about 8 months and I am really loving it. I feel really calm and collected and I am able to get my thoughts out properly. I have always had some anxiety, especially the day after drinking alcohol. My general doctor is the one who prescribes me Strattera and I asked him if there was something we could do for the anxiety, and he said you cant mix anxiety meds with Strattera. Is this true? If so, I was wondering how you deal with anxiety while on strattera?

06-25-15, 02:13 PM
You can take it with SSRI anti-depressants, but it has to be very carefully monitored.

06-25-15, 03:56 PM
For what it's worth I'm on Strattera now but was on Klonopin for 5 years for anxiety and getting off that, both physically and mentally, was a beast. I would stay far, far away from it. I get anxiety sometimes but it's far worse than the eventual fog of Klonopin and the horror of stopping.