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06-04-15, 09:36 PM
This is my first post, so I'm pretty new here.

In short: My 6 yr old daughter was just diagnosed about a month ago with ADHD. She's in cognitive behavior therapy, we have not decided to medicate yet. This type A mom has the hardest time with the impulsive part of this disorder. There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to a lot of her actions and its been very frustrating. My spouse is gone a lot for his job, so I'm also doing the single parent thing from time-time, and WOW, this is exhausting.

Anyway, my daughter has been waking up at night crying loudly in her bed. When I go in, I try to calm her. Sometimes I can, and other times she's still screaming about whatever it is that she's "dreaming" about. And none of what she is saying really makes sense, and she's screaming at something. I've tried to wake her up, I've had her look at me, and I've even just held her. Tonight it seemed like nothing was working.
Side note:
My son had night terrors til about age 7. We could go in his room and stand him up out of bed with the light on, and he would open his eyes and then go back to yelling, or talking, or laughing, or whatever, and then not remember anything in the am.

Her "terrors" seem to be much more emotional, loud, and upsetting than my son's. Should I just ignore it? Anyone experience this? What should I do?
I have a hard time listening to her scream and yell at night. Its a little scary.
I wonder if its pent up frustration from being constantly corrected.


06-04-15, 10:17 PM
Give her 0.5 mg of Klonopin or 1 mg of Ativan or Xanax XR at bedtime.

06-07-15, 01:02 PM
perhaps you can record what she is talking about in the night and if it doesnt make sense to you, play it to her the next day, just to find out if she then remembers the dream/emotions and can explain it better?