View Full Version : The multitude of failed drugs I've been on since Oct. 2014...What to do???

06-10-15, 06:16 AM
So What I have been diagnosed with since October 2014, has been:

Combined Adult ADHD (99th Percentiles)
Generalized Anxiety
Social Anxiety

(also "Manic" and "extreme impulsivity")

These are the 9 meds I've tried since October '14:

1. Adderall (high dose) did absolutely nothing. Felt nothing. No relief. Just sort of killed my appetite for a while.
2. Ritalin (high dose) Did even LESS than the Adderall. Totally a waste of time taking it.
3. Tenex (Guanfacine) He tried this one for Anxiety and to maybe 'slow down' my hyperactivity and annoying behaviors) It did none of that. Made me feel a LITTLE something weird for a week, then absolutely nothing/useless.
4. Ativan. Could not WAIT to try this for my severe panic attacks and anxiety. It did nothing. I took up to 2 MG's as needed (which was a lot) and my anxiety didn't change. Ativan was way too weak for me.
5. Klonopin. Given this because he said it was a VERY strong, VERY effective anti-anxiety med. Read COUNTLESS success stories of it saving peoples lives and curing life long fears and eliminating panic attacks. For me? Nothing. Started on 1 mg. ended on FIVE MG's in ONE DOSE! FIVE 1 milligram pills at once and...NO REACTION! People were telling me they'd lapse into a coma or be dead if the they took 5 Klonopin! ALL it did was make me feel tired (sometimes) or I'd be wide awake, still anxiety ridden, but I'd YAWN about 30 times in one hour.
6. Wellbutrin. This one I am still on. Why? NOT because it helps depression or anxiety...but because I somehow managed to be one of the 2% of the population that got the side effect that makes you stop drinking alcohol. Haven't had a DROP of alcohol in 6 months and have NO desire to ever drink again. So the Dr. keeps me on it solely to keep me sober (I used to self medicate with alcohol A LOT prior to that) But it does NOT work for its INTENDED use.
7. Inderal. Doc thought a Beta-Blocker would calm me down, keep me my blood pressure low during a panic attack and would stop my severe impulsivity. It did none of those was useless.
8. Trileptal. Was given this after my big recent "You have MASSIVE Manic Bi-Polar!" diagnosis. He said this may cure ALL my issues, stable my mood, calm me down, help with my ADHD, etc. It did absolutely nothing. it was upped to 1,800 MG's a day...It had NO effect on me whatsoever and my own mother said my mood seemed WORSE while on it!
9. Was given Depakote 2 days ago and FLATLY refuse to take it (read my RANT on THAT on the Bi-Polar page!) Basically it's a mood stabilizer for Bi-Polar that will relieve your issues, but make you 50 pounds fatter, destroy your liver and make your hair fall out! So I called and asked for him to suggest drug number TEN because I am NOT taking Depakote!

My question (Finally!) Is, what do you take for Bi-Polar? WHat mood stabilizers do YOU take? Do they work? Do they have low or NORMAL side effects that you can live? Turns out my Bi-Polar is the root of my problems and he wants me on a mood stabilizer. But Trileptal was about as effective as swallowing a few M&M's a day and NOTHING will get me to go NEAR that Depekote (which remains unopened)

Any suggestions on a nice, safe Bi-polar med that MIGHT work for a guy that is seemingly immune to any and all medications??

06-10-15, 06:27 AM
Risperdal or Haldol

They make you fat too, though.

06-10-15, 03:14 PM
Ugggh. I hate to sound so vain, but I JUST got down to a "hot" weight (and I have the worst self esteem on the planet and think I'm hideous) But after getting in shape, getting to a perfect weight and gaining muscle, I'm all proud and excited to start the summer in shape. I've been bi-polar for 40 years, I guess I can remain that way. I refuse to get fat. My depression wouldn't like that all all (and anti-depressants don't work on me)

06-10-15, 03:37 PM
Oh man, that sucks :(

I HOPE you find something that works for you! Best luck!

09-23-15, 06:10 PM
I know some doctors have a problem with prescribing it sometimes, but my "lifesaver" drug has been Lithium. You have to get blood drawn every 2-3 months because lithium can be toxic, but when I'm not on this stuff I don't sleep AT ALL. I go 3-4 days with no sleep, then start becoming psychotic and have seizures because of the lack of sleep. It seems to kind of be a last resort med, but you seem to be at that point. Also, Klonopin did nothing for me either. The Guanfacine, however, almost eliminated my anxiety. Sorry you didn't have the same luck with it.

01-29-16, 02:38 AM
been there done that.

I'm back on the forums after almost 5 or 6 years.

Now I'm taking the "natural" stuff.. (a lot of calculation and adjustments but i see it for the best rather than just drugged up only on Psych meds.)

I still do take psych meds but adjusting/removing/reducing. Made it a personal goal to Heal myself so have devoted a lot of time (and money) to buying the stuff after proper in-depth research.

BUT I also take to the Gym every week to make sure I am fit and my blood is flowing.

i know it sucks, but keep at it and keep learning from the forums/reflecting yourself etc


however i do not have bipolar. our struggles are all different, we are all on a learning journey