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04-21-05, 12:51 PM
May people say I never had had venison or It was to gamey for me, Everyone who comes to hunt get a taist of it. Nothing exotic but taser than anything you'll ever have.

Sika deer is prefered but a yearling whitetail will do the trick.
. Really dosn't matter what cut of meat you use , I prefer the tender loin or the light color strip of meat which runs through the ham next to the football- [large round musel in the ham].
You can cut it thick and cook it slow or thin and cook it slow or fast.
All you need to Virgin Olive Oil
> Your favorite BB sauce
> the spices you like , Garlic , celrey salt, sage, tyme, exc.
Main thing is to mix it 30 olive oil to 70 BB sauce
> keep the meat wet with sauces as it cooks. turning it often and DON"T OVER COOK ! Venison cooks fast sence their is not fat n the meat. {Most folk over cook venison, there lies in the bad taist.
>Eating dirrections. Eat at the grill, move the meat to the side to keep it hot ! and enjoy. Save some of the basting souce to dip into as you eat.
> After 42 years of hunting and gainning allot of knowledge on how to cook venison , this is my most vavorite meal. When I go to cook outs I never have enough. Once someone taist this recipe their hooked. LOL

Best not to eat to much while cooking , If you plan on this as a table dinner, but I find it hard to stop myself.
>You want to know where you get the best friend ever ? Let you dog eat along with you.

04-21-05, 01:17 PM
I've heard you can also kill the gamey taste by soaking the meat in salt water over night. But, personally prefer to seal it in a zip lock bag with milk which not only helps tame the gamey flavor but also helps tendorize the meat.

I'll try this one tonight since we have a freezer full of venison. My husband is an avid hunter and our son just sent in for his very first deer license this year wish him luck.

04-21-05, 01:17 PM
I've often seen venison on menus in restaurants but never quite managed to order it, a vision of bambi appears in my head and stops me, but after reading your recipe it sounds so yummy i just might have to give it a go next time ;)

04-21-05, 02:17 PM
Futs, I wish your son all the best. Nothing like having a dad to teach a youngster the sport. You very rarely see kids who hunt in trouble or doing drugs. You may find them haveing a beer with dad after a successfull hunt , when their of age of course. LOL
Also, if your husband is realy into hunting and would like to check out a site I visit
A friend I hunt with alot started this site recently. The hunters here are family and we hunt together. He's welcome to check us out. I'm still DaveHawk in there also.
>Claw, the 1st time I cooked venison for my wife she had the same feeling towards deer meat as you and she got up from the table after the 1st bite with tears in her eyes and a few minites later she returned and said: it is very tasty and finished her meal. I think she realized , married to a hunter she would starve if she wanted me to cook. LOL
>Venison is the genaric term for wild game. But most common give to deer meat.
>I hope you have a good 1st time meal, it makes all the difference.

04-21-05, 02:46 PM
Is it a forum much like this one? He sees the enjoyment I get out of the ADD forums but has left this space for me alone. He has been looking for a forum that interests him, it doesn't help that he is very shy lol. OMG totally kinda out of sinc but along with this thread have you ever shot and cooked a buck right after mating? My husband did a couple of years ago and we had to give the meat away you could not possibly bring yourself to touch the meat even though it tasted very good after smelling that stench cook all day.

04-21-05, 03:18 PM
LOL, I have only thrown out meat that was from a deer which was sickly or disezed.
>The forum is ran much like this. Most of the hunters in there I have hunted with some time or another and these guys are all a great bunch. Some very seasoned hunters in there. I have been hunting 42 years. What we are all about is helping out guys who need help or how-toos and we welcome new hunters into the group. Tell him to open up with a Hi! my name is .... and a little about himself. Tell him to mention my handle , they will not hold that against him LOL.

04-21-05, 03:25 PM
O trust me I will. It would be nice for him to have someone to share with and he is very seasoned and trying to season his wife or at least get her to go lol. It may be a little while before you get a visit from him due to it being turkey season here in Nebraska and all when he is home the kids and I tend to hog his attention. *grins greedily*

04-22-05, 08:40 AM
I know what you mean, hunting season is a tuff time to find time to do other things. If I didn't have a shop to run I would never have gotten on a computer, I still will not play golf or learn another language. To much time involved to learn them and computer was on the list LOL.

04-22-05, 09:07 AM
lol I just made the stupid suggestion that we find a hobby we both can enjoy so now I have a deer license. Last time I went I was 15 and hit what I was aiming at but couldn't do the dirty, mean, one on one kill. I know I know your thinking "what a girl" guess my secrets out. I'm older and wiser now I smiled sweetly at him and told him I promise I'll be dragging something in that door which he thought was funny but only for a second before he realized that one sentence could be taken many ways lmbo.

04-22-05, 09:43 AM
Man , I wish I could get my wife in camo , you dosn't know what it will do to me. LOL

04-22-05, 09:52 AM
I hereby swear to not post any pictures of me in orange camo (which by the way looks great on blondes and matches my new watch) lol

04-22-05, 10:05 AM
O come on LOLOLOL !
This is my sons story , he's ADHD and my #2 son.
Name: Jarrod Hawksford
Age: 19
School: Senior at Richard Montgomery High School

The day started like any other a “hunting” Saturday. It was late in January and I hadn’t shot a deer all season. I woke up and left my house around 6 o’clock in the morning. I walked a mile to my tree stand, climbed up, and sat down. I have used the same tree stand all season, and it sits on a path to a corn feeder that the deer had been tearin’ up. I was feeling good and all worked up, then it hit 7 o’clock, 8 o’clock, then 9, then 10. Nothing came by so I went to my Dad’s shop and ate lunch with him.
I wasn’t going to go back into the woods, but Dad told me to at least fill the feeders. So I grabbed some corn and I drove back to the woods. I really didn’t feel like walking, so I took my Dad’s 4-wheeler and I drove to my stand. Before I reached my stand, I saw a huge 8-point deer under the feeder, so I stopped. It just stared at me and kept eating. So I called my Dad on my cell phone and told him what I saw.
He said, “What are you doing calling me? Take’em out!”
I hung up and walked about 50 yards past the deer to get my bow at the tree stand. For the whole time it took for me to get my bow and walk back, the deer didn’t move at all. I was about 50 yards away, but I thought I was closer, so I drew back my bow and took a shot. The arrow went under the deer and the deer walked off. I only had that one arrow with me, so I went to go find it. Two minutes later, I found my arrow and I saw the deer walking away. So I ran around the front path of the deer to cut him off, and sure enough, I saw the deer walking toward me as I came out of some thick bushes. The deer saw me and stopped about 15 yards away. So I looked back at him and thought to myself, “not this time.” I drew back my bow and let my arrow fly. Next thing I know, I saw my arrow hit the deer and blood flew everywhere. I had hit a major artery. The deer ended up running about 20 yards, then dropped.
After I shot the deer, I called my Dad. About 30 minutes later, my Dad came out to help and we found a nice, big 8-point, ready to be gutted! This was my very first buck and it made me feel so good when I saw how proud my Dad was of me.
I'll get my youngest son's story up for ya. Their both being published in a hunting mag next month. My wife teaches Specal Ed so she helped the bpys edit their stories

04-22-05, 01:19 PM
Cool!!! Ok the blood stuff was a little gross but I've got a boy and know thats what they want so be it as long as its not human bloos their spilling and as long as they eat what they kill (My rule).

I informed my husband I will go as long as I don't have to get up early, it isn't too cold or too hot and there are no bugs and he has to clean what I shoot and carry it out (I mean honestly men are the hunters and gatherers so if I have to hunt he had better gather lmbo). Something tells me I'm safe for another year where I will have to come up with another list of demands-this whole hunting business is tiresome don't ya think?

lmbo In all honesty I'm looking forward to going but don't want to go with my husband I tend to get competative with him and he with me; you know the everyday loser does the dishes for a week type thing nothing serious or painfully humiliating.

My sister and sister in law hunt both of whom I adore and enjoy spending time with so I will probably take them up on their offer of showing me the ropes, I would hate to embarrass myself in front of my husband of all the people in the world he is the one I want to think there is nothing I can't do. And my sister in her loving way offered to tape my mouth shut should the need arise (as if you haven't noticed I love to talk). lol

Do share I love stories especially the ones my kids share with me, its something about the miracles in everyday things that no longer interest us anymore.

04-22-05, 01:20 PM
ps. My husband cuts up his own deer and only sends the whatever you call it to be ground and makes the meanest jerky. He's always looking for new recipes for jerky you wouldn't have any would you?

04-22-05, 01:46 PM
Give him this link I hunt the moon fase, Tell him he has to visit the East Coast Hunting fourm to learn how to use it from me OK. I have been hunting the moon fase for 5 years now and only go out when the time is right. Very seldom do I get in the woods befor sun rise. I have taken over 400 deer with my bow in 18 years so I know what I'm talking about LOL
> I use a dehydrator for making jerky and I seaon the meat heavaly.
> OK; you know 2 lady who hunt, we could use a few ladys n our site. Tell them about it Please. LOL

04-22-05, 01:57 PM
Only if beginners are welcomed with open arms as well and NOT laughed at...ok I laugh at myself all the time I mean if you can't laugh at yourself you have no business laughing at others IMHO.

Will do!!! though they aren't computer junkies as I am.

This will actually be Doug's first year with a bow. He just got it this year from ME of course for Christmas. I have a rule he can't kill me off with any weapon I have purchased we have a signed agreement *laughs* I've bought his hunting knives, the gun for birds and the one for deer, he has a few others but I will find a way to replace them as quickly as possible. lmbo Sorry, you can't survive marriage without a sense of humor.

04-22-05, 02:21 PM
That's what our forum is all about helping hunters how need help. You wouldn't beleive the guys and ladys we have helped over the years. If they want to know a how to or what if just about any of the seasoned hunter in there is more than willing to give advice.
> Sometimes even the move shy hunter becomes a PC junky LOL, When they realize there are people who realy want to hear their story they begin to open up and the flood gate begin pooring out all kind of questions and after they get knowledgable they inturn begin helping new hunters. That's what is all about.

04-22-05, 07:24 PM
He joined and is falconissore and made his first post in the Public grounds you have hunted pros and cons. I am on my way to joining right now I have a feeling at the moment that I will be the only girl who does not know a darned thing about hunting easily spotted but am going to aim for i don't know will have to think on my way over lol.

ps dude my first day there and it will be to file a complaint. You don't have a new member introduction space whats that all about? Inquiring chicks wanna know.

04-23-05, 10:46 AM
for introductions you can post in this room; My wife took off for Harpers ferry for the weekend and I will join her this evening. She teaches Sp. Ed. and wanted quite to finish up the end of the year BS for school. Last night I took Jake my 13 year old to the movies , he wanted to see Sin City , so I bought 2 tickets and asked if there was sex in the move, the girl just said the move is explicit, I took that for being vilent, well there were nude sceans and we got up and went to see Saharris insted, Good movie.

04-23-05, 02:15 PM
lmbo I didn't take you for a prude and I'm willing to bet your son knows more then you do. My kids shock me on a daily basis with what they learn at recess. Yes, I'm only teasing!! I was actually thinking along the lines of GOOD FOR YOU!!!

As you can see we did our best and I admit its kinda fun being the only girl and getting to mess with your heads a little though I am looking forward to more female posters.

Have a great weekend.

04-25-05, 09:23 AM
I'm glad you have a good sence of humer. It's great having you 2 join in. I think Hatrick and Doug are hooked up. Hat is one of the best Turkey hunters I know on the net. We have hunted often together. I have a great deal of respect for his knowledge.

04-25-05, 01:11 PM
lmbo when you say "hooked up" the first vision that comes to mind is completly not appropriate!!! but funny none the less. It is kinda fun and has really motivated me to get my ducks in a row every year I say "OK I'll try it next year" but this year I even let him send off for my permit now there is no going back because I can't stand to waste money. So, here we go!!!! kinda exciting to learn a new skill with my son, stupid I know but little things make my day worth while.

04-25-05, 01:33 PM
lmao, I was wondering about usage of the term Hooked Up LOL, I glad you are finily getting your ducks in a row, now you can shoot them down in order.
>I think most wives are like that. It's the little things that mean the most.

04-25-05, 01:45 PM
lmao, I was wondering about usage of the term Hooked Up LOL, I glad you are finily getting your ducks in a row, now you can shoot them down in order.
>I think most wives are like that. It's the little things that mean the most.

:eek: Now its a "wife thing" sheesh you just keep digging that hole don't you? lmbo its ok when I think you have dug yourself in far enough I'll bury you. :p

I have just as much fun in that forum as the other three I'm a member of your a great bunch of guys though as I said before we definatly need more girls!!!! I'm gonna carry the link with me when we are hunting and pass out the link to every female I run into.

Doug has promised to take me target practicing once we get everyone well. I'm afraid our house fell victim to the stomach bug again this weekend. :rolleyes: Will it ever end? He can't wait until I get this home business off the ground so I can stop working in the nursing home and stop bringing home all kinds of illness'.


04-25-05, 06:05 PM
We had that darn thing a few time this past winter. Your in my prayers.
>It will be good to see some ladys on the forum , telling the guys a thing or two. LOL

04-25-05, 07:21 PM
Hey, I totally forgot to ask what do you think of my forum name there and my quote? very cute huh? I know I know. lmbo

04-25-05, 07:47 PM
hold on I have to check LOL

04-25-05, 07:51 PM
Chick-in-orange-camo, I love it. LOL Doug, should have used; hunter getting into orange camo LOL

04-25-05, 09:16 PM
rotflmfao that is too good. He's sick so all you got was weak chuckle; but, I'm sure had he been feeling up to par he would have given ya a belly laugh. After the way he teased me about the mushrooms that id would not fit it has to be something more along the lines hunter-dreaming-of-getting-into-orange-camo lmbo.

04-26-05, 09:24 AM
Well , we don't ware orange around here to often, sence we are mostly bow hunters. But if'en my were to get all dawned out in some camo, we could slip away in the woods,dought I would get any real hunting done LOL, that would be a little problem in orange camo. but hey to each their own. Sort of in the same vain as the old country song, "She thinks my tractor sexy" LOL

04-26-05, 09:30 AM
OOoooOOOo tractors are very sexy!!!! Don't tell Doug I said that though a man with a tractor seriously messed up his hunt yesterday and he's still a little "cranky" about the whole episode.

I think I'm supposed to wear bright orange here when hunting with a gun. I tried using a bow in high school and could never hit the target, got bored before we ever got to the end of the week and I refused to participate using the excuse that I was against any weapon that had the potential to take a life whether it be human or animal. You guessed it I got an F for the week but easily made it up with racket ball. lol I hate to fail, I'd rather give up then admit defeit.

04-26-05, 09:45 AM
I read his post about the tractor, Man I would have been ****ed, If it were deer season I wouldn' be so bad, deer a courous creatures and tractors some atract them.
>I see your a web junky also. I know I would get allot more work done if I put a rock through this thing and maybe I should but then I would have to work and put one of my guys out on the street.
> I saw you have a lot of post on this forum. Unbelievable , How long have you been on this site ?
>I have noticed that not many of the ADD'ers realy know much about the Stra durg and not many realy want any of my knowledge about it. Or maybe they just read it with no reply. But seriously, It have been 100% positive change for me. I was a nut case befor I found it 5.5 years ago.

04-26-05, 02:18 PM
Stratterra has made a positive change in Koda's life and our lives as well. Its helped cut down the strength and duration of his anger outbursts and his grades have improved a 100%. I have my little boy back well kinda he still can't hug or kiss me in public but once in awhile if I'm lucky I get a run by pat on the head which is better then nothing and I know from watching my brothers grow that he'll love his momma again once he's older and peer pressure isn't so significant.

I'm a forum junky yes. Guilty as charged I have been a member of this forum for over two years now and a member of an Survivors United forum for survivors of domestic violence for about 6 months? I administrate over that one and am a member of a Breast Cancer Awareness forum and have been a member for over a year and we have a Nebraska forum we are trying to get off the ground dealing with everything from site seeing adventures to ADD support to breast cancer support to EVERYTHING lmbo.

I am still very off the cuff and find it easier to communicate without making people angry via the internet, I tend to call an *** an *** and some people are really offended by that. We also live in a town of under 200 people, I work graveyard while those I know work first or second shift.

04-26-05, 03:17 PM
You need to get some sleep then LOL, I don't have a PC on line at home. Wife and I both feel it's better left at work. So from 4:30 PM or when ever I get out of here I get a breather from the net. I think it very healthy to not have it at home , if not for the junk the kids get into for my sanity. I would be on the thing way to much.
I live just outside DC about 19 miles so needless to say it is a very bussy area. But it's home and I can deal with it. My wife teaches SP ED and is changing from elementry to middle school next year. I realy hope it gives her a little releif from stress, this "no child left behind" BS is causeing allot of teachers and addmen people to throw up the hands and say I Quit!
>BTW, you have seen some of my pic's of indians in the photo section haven't you ?

04-26-05, 03:41 PM
NO I haven't. I hate the no child left behind act While it protected our daughter's rights it has severely abused our son's rights. He is advanced academically and there is not enough money to to keep him challenged. Have you heard that some schools are suing over the act? I can't remember what day I read it but it was in the Kearneycyberhub and basically they are saying that they do not have to provide any special program that they are not reimbursed for because it clearly states that the government will pay for such special features. I get confused lol. I'm on the computer until my family comes home or the baby wakes up then I'm all theirs.

05-30-05, 08:20 PM
Fut's we [wife'e and myself] spent the afternoon together looking and buying a home computer for her at home work and my play. Soon I will be a night time fourms junky. LOL