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06-14-15, 11:44 AM
It does my heart good to know something like this exists. Thought I'd share so others who may dig reading about the possibilities and making the nutritional connections and adjustments can dive in, too.

I haven't read everything here, but my personal experiences have shown me many times over that the connection between what we ingest (and apply to our body externally) and how we feel is very real.

Pharmaceutical interventions have helped me reach many levels of awareness along the way, as well, with much unpleasantness typically overshadowing the few benefits, especially long term. However, the most profound and lasting changes have come from complimentary alternative methods.

Happy hunting in your pursuits for improved overall wellness.

06-14-15, 12:28 PM
Thanks for sharing! That's a lot of interesting information.

Little Missy
06-14-15, 12:55 PM
Thanks Unsy!