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06-14-15, 05:25 PM
I have seen people here and elsewhere fill more than 45mg/day of desoxyn. I am a big boy 250lbs+. I am a very responsible sciences major who has never abused any drug and I do not do illegal things. In fact all I do is school work and work. I called several pharmacies which all for various reasons said they could not get desoxyn. I'd call one CVS that said they can't order that period. The one several miles away then said they could normally order it but had reached their max amphetamine fill for the month with their other customers. All of this sounded completely ridiculous to me. In any event I just decided to fill it at Walgreens. I am assuming they only wanted to fill 200 because they told me the bottles come in 100 and they don't want any part of a spare bottle sitting around that costs them money if they do not sell. I may have to resort to exercising my rights and contacting the pharmaceutical board with a complaint if I do am not able to receive my quantity of medication. It isn't that much more than 200 but it is really the principle. My insurance is covering this and it just makes me angry that we have to go through this process. I was on ritalin but that wore off very quickly. I have been basically bullied by pharmacists for various things. One time I switched to adderall from ritalin and because it was 29 days and not 30 days they literally told me that i was out of line and yada yada even though I am a grown professional. I'm just fed up with pharmacists practicing medicine. My doctor and even the AMA should hold priority over what some first year pharmacist punk my age says. All these places have different excuses or simply say they won't order something when I ask over the phone. Sorry for the rant. I was just curious if anyone else heard this crap about how they wanted to order in sets of 100. I have seen this before happen to one other person with a different drug. Walgreens should have more than enough money to pay for some more considering they are just going to be processed as a refill the next month. I feel like pharmacists really do cross the line sometimes when clearly the matter is not about something even illegal or unethical. In this sense it is the pharmacist most likely just not wanting an extra partial 100 pill container of prescription after filling it.

Little Missy
06-14-15, 06:17 PM
I hate Walgreens.

06-15-15, 04:38 AM
I have nothing to back this up but I am wondering if it boils down to the simple fact that they are playing doctor with your meds and somehow are second guessing the doctor who prescribes for you. One time I had a script for sonata that had to be ordered and it took 10 days. So it was way past my refill. I would call everyday and get nasty answers and decided to never use that pharmacy again. Maybe its because its generic name is methamphetamine? It sounds like you are dealing with judging pharmacy fools though. Maybe there is some law, but if it were me, I would pull up the corporate policy for walgreens, call everyone I could at walgreens and pull up some info from the FDA/DEA and walk in armed with information.

Little Missy
06-15-15, 09:14 AM
Maybe you need to only use the pharmacy that filled your Rx before. Some states have laws regarding CII prescriptions that allow for only one doctor and only one pharmacy to be used.

06-18-15, 01:05 AM
She said it was just their stores policy so the above poster is right in that they are playing doctor. I settled for less for this month since I need it now for summer classes. Does anyone know if I can drop a script off early elsewhere for next month like by a week if it takes them a week to order it? I wouldn't be getting the medication early. I would just be getting them to order it early so they would have it in time possibly since costco said it would take like a week to get in. This crap is literally like over 5 dollars per pill. Unreal. Some other guy on here a couple years back said he paid 20 cents for like a 15 or 20mg pill per pill 20 years ago. 5 dollars per pill is a joke but if insurance and drug companies want to scheme to take over and Jack up prices ill happily make my insurance pay over 1500 a month for it. I have tried all the ADD meds and they all either jack my bp and hr up too high or just flat out don't work. i have had a diagnosis for over 10 yrs. I cannot believe that only one company is allowed to sell this generic. Isn't the whole point of generics to lower the price and allow competition? Hell now generic wellbutrin in california is like 1 grand a month too. Me thinks the fda must be not thinking in terms of the patients best interest. They might as well not even allow generics since at least with the brand names you could get on their coupon or assistance programs. Yay for charging 1000 times the price for drugs created many decades ago.