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06-16-15, 09:44 AM
Hi guys,

If anyone has used an ADHD coach who does not personally have ADHD, please PM me. :). I have been trying to look for ADHD coaches for a very long time. In my experience, most of the ADHD coaches who also have ADHD are not very helpful for me. They are nice and personable and truly understand the struggles we go through, but they are not ultimately helpful (likely because their ADHD gets in the way of follow-through and being able to work with me to have a detailed and well-thought out plan). Def not trying to offend any ADHD coaches who happen to have ADHD themselves! Just need someone different for me.

Thanks so much!

06-16-15, 02:13 PM
Have you directly asked your former coaches? They may go to events where they regularly meet the person you're looking for.

06-17-15, 02:45 AM
Did you check the coach's references? I find it surprising that an adhd coach would be able to stay in business if they werent effective.

06-18-15, 09:47 AM
Thanks, guys, for the helpful suggestions!

When I ask for references, do I just ask them if I can talk to their previous clients? I've done this several times before, but most of them have stated confidentiality reasons for not being able to disclose (which I understand, but I trust the experiences of their clients more than their colleagues, who seem to end up just referring one another).

Thanks again! :)

06-18-15, 07:42 PM
Confidentiality is important - and perhaps unavoidable. What counts in terms of references is that you end up being reasonably convinced that this person is going to be worth your time trying, not that they're perfect for you.

07-06-15, 05:18 PM
Just an update: one of the coaches gracefully gave me the contact info for one of her clients. The great reference and the openness of the coach really convince me that she might be a good fit for me. Fingers crossed! I will update on how the coaching process goes.

07-12-15, 02:12 AM
I am thinking of coach as traditional therapists aren't really doing it for me. I'm not really sure what I need but I know that I need something!!

07-29-15, 12:44 AM
I think I would benefit from even a drill instructor at this point!

09-09-15, 02:21 PM
Hi guys,

Just an update.

I've been working with my coach for about a month now. I'm not really sure it is helpful. Although I do connect with her, I need someone to give me more specific instructions or guidelines (e.g., offer concrete advice on how to break a complex project down, not just tell me to "break it down." I already know I should break it down, I just need some specific instructions). She offers great encouragement, but I am not sure it is very helpful for me. Although I am on a "reduced" fee, I still think it is a bit too much. I will likely cancel soon.

Not really sure what to do at this point. I have interviewed A LOT of coaches (I even have a spreadsheet of all the questions I asked them and the criteria I used), but I find that most of them are not as helpful as I would like them to be. I get a lot of encouragement from all of you on here (for free!), I'm not sure if I want to pay someone just to offer encouragements that I can get here....

09-09-15, 03:19 PM
Have you discussed this problem directly with the current coach?

That is, have you said, "I think I need some help breaking this down, because it's something I have trouble doing on my own. Can you help me figure out the steps?"?

(Forgive me if you've already been through this several times, but I figured it was worth asking because sometimes people don't realize that it's OK and often very helpful to give feedback to whatever professionals are helping you.)

If you've done that, and she's unwilling or unable to do that, I'd say you should cancel. No point in spending money (even "reduced fee" money) on someone who isn't going to help you figure out the things you need help figuring out.

If you haven't, it might be worth trying before you cancel altogether. Even decent professionals sometimes don't realize that there are ways they could be more helpful to a client.

If all else fails (or as a stopgap measure), you can also ask the forum for help breaking down specific tasks. Even though many of us (myself included) often struggle to break down tasks for ourselves, sometimes it's easier to help someone else do it.

Best wishes.

09-22-15, 03:33 PM
Thanks so much for the great advice! I haven't told her specifically what's not working (it's always a bit difficult for me to be critical), but I will try to let her know that I need more help with breaking things down. I will also try to let her know what she could do to be more helpful (e.g., perhaps not have her phone beep whenever we are talking-- it is hugely distracting). I think it's just hard to know when to call it quits and when to give it another chance to improve (as the case with all relationships, sigh).

11-07-15, 08:19 PM
When I read the title I thought:
"Blind seeing-eye dog!"