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06-18-15, 05:00 AM
Hi all,
Just recently started strattera as I am unable to take stimulants and it is over all ok and might get me through college. Besides add, I now suffef vefy bad anxiety and depression and I am wondering if it is possible to combine strattera with SSRI or something similar?
I want to come prepared for my next appointment becsuse time is an issue, I start school soon and the anxiety is a huge issue for me( yes, I know strattera is already an anti depressant).
Thanks in advance for your help

06-18-15, 08:15 AM
Hi all,
Besides add, I now suffef vefy bad anxiety and depression

Can you say for how long? Grown or shrink during certain ages / life demands? Has it just been noticable since taking Strattera/

How long have you been on Strattera?

Is there a family history/ and / or ... current life things that you think might be adding to this?

06-18-15, 10:05 AM
My anxiety and depression? Started around 3 years ago during, after and because of taking ritalin.
I cant say strattera has made it worse for me, no. There could very well be many things in my personal life that are adding to this problem but I have a troubled mind and I cant remember many times in my life where I wasnt stressed about one thing or another.

06-18-15, 01:15 PM
awaiting some more responses..... tho'

first, bonus that strattera is helping :)

second.... these things are kinda complex...... non-medicinal things feed into, tho often alone aren't enough to manage medium / long term... and vice versa.....

medwise, the most important thing is having a learner'd prescriber that you have good repore / communication with...... it will take time..... as 3 months per med is a rough scale...... that includes perhaps anxiety inhibitors perhaps combined with strattera or other.....

I doubt strattera would be combined with an SSRI..... so your treatment plan should focus on what is most inhibiting medium / long term...... which feeds the challenge as symptoms will fluctuate with meds and meds might fluctuate a little with symptoms, especially significant anxiety and or depression.....

on an optimal dose of strattera, i'd anticipate significant offset of the latter..... in most..... i think i'd be liaising with the prescriber to see if strattera dose might need change, anti-anxiety added.... or tapering to an SSRI or similar..... wellbeutrin? seems to have helped some with similar symptoms......

basically....... steady as she goes........ have multiple supports..... and don't expect immediate results for both.......... try to build something steady atop of what works for the majority of your symtoms.... it could be that this is where you are at now.......

but yes....... whollistic stragies will help.