View Full Version : What success have you had with treating anxiety first?

06-21-15, 08:10 PM
ADHD meds help but make me not sleep in unacceptable amounts, even non-stimulants. While I never thought of anxiety as the primary disorder, since I was given a surprise diagnosis of it I've been wondering if it affects me more than I realize and if treating it could make ADHD more manageable instead of going the other way around.

I'm hesitant because I've always thought as ADHD as something I can't control and anxiety as something to overcome rather than vice versa.

06-22-15, 02:17 AM
For me, I had to treat my bipolar first, then the adhd and because I treated the adhd with meds, it helped treat my anxiety.

06-22-15, 06:18 AM
Before ADHD I was diagnosed with depression. Anti-depressants never helped much with depression but helped immensely with anxiety (for me). Stimulants, however, seem to help both with depression and anxiety so right now that's all I need really. I think, it's the combined effect of the stimulants treating my ADHD symptoms that cause anxiety and improving emotional regulation (at least for me).

06-22-15, 09:34 AM
Very, very good question.....

I tried dual / synchronous.... needed but perhaps not the most effective.....

The thing is.... anxiety stuff takes time.... and goes up and down.... actually looking back.... this questioning sure makes me understand blockages in a big way....

06-23-15, 10:47 AM
I think that's my problem, my doctor is prioritising my adhd pi but I feel anxiety is impairing me more, I feel if I wasn't so anxious I could probably benefit from stimulants more. the first month the dex was obviously just masking my anxiety, because its back now big time! im so confused tbh, I thought my anxiety was caused by living with adhd pi all my life undiagnosed, now im diagnosed I still don't feel its going anywhere. I seem to doubt my diagnoses when the pills re wearing off. like my post last night.