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07-15-15, 04:27 AM
My son is 10 years old and he was diagnosed with ADHD.
I am looking for a treatment which does not involve medication.
I would like to hear from your experience about some alternative treatments that really work!
I am especially interested to hear about computerized games related to ADHD, as my son is really into computer games. I just wish I could find some treatment involving this.

07-15-15, 04:58 AM
Welcome! To be honest most treatments billed as alternative do not work. For example, the game thing has no evidence supporting it as a treatment for adhd. It may help him for learning purposes but not much for adhd. Some people have had great success with omega 3's (fish oil) there is a member her named Lunacie who swears by this, maybe you could pm her?

07-20-15, 03:49 PM
Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I hope you are still checking for answers.

There are some things I do along with my medicine that help me tremendously living with AD(H)D for 46 years.

Little to no sugar. No sodas candy high carbs binge eating.
Consistent quality sleep.
Daily exercise of some type that raises the heart rate and burns energy.
Hold him accountable.
Don't make excuses for him. The more accountability for his actions the better.
Learn as much about his disorder as possible. This forum is a good start.

People, both that take medication and not taking medication, have also enlisted help from therapists and life coaches.

I wish good things for you!