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07-17-15, 02:40 AM
Hey Everyone....

I am literally sitting here with the quietist and least ADHD mind I have ever had.

No adderal today. I do take 100 MG Wellbutrin everyday.

While I am absolutely certain my ADHD is not gone, I have never ever felt better and experienced such a decline in my ADHD symptoms.

I have been doing coffee enemas, wheatgrass enemas, a boxed cleanse (milk thistle and magnesium hydrate) and a parasite cleanse.

I started the parasite cleanse a few days ago and the scary part...there are dead parasites in my bowel movements. I am a healthy ish person.

I eat organic vegetables every day, a smoothie 5 days a week, sleep well 6-8 hours 6 nights a week, smoke weed, drink vodka and hydrate excessively with tyent alkalized water.

... a solidly mixed lifestyle.

This detox thing has changed everything:

1) My hair is different. Right now its thick and luxurious. A month ago it was corse and nappy. (I am non-white. My skin is brown and Im from Caribbean)
- I actually am going to grow it out. I use to cut it all off because it was too hard to manage. It was a corse afro.

2) My skin is glowing. It use to be dry, ashy and pock marked. (and its still getting better)

3) The bags under my eyes are disappearing

4) Fat is shredding off of my body. (i use to go to the gym everyday. I have not been to a Gym in 3 years)

Im still 15%-18% body fat but I really like how my body is starting to look. I use to be 21% body fat a month ago.
- My muscles are developing better than ever.

5) My penis is getting bigger (i'm 28) and not just because i'm losing fat and not just because i'm healthier and its a stronger erection.

Its literally more penis tissue. (trust me i ... know my penis well)

6) I feel like I am on adderall but, im not.

I am very happy. The most stable and happiest I have ever been.

Today I was lazy because I choose to be (which I love). Usually I need lazy days to get better for a better tomorrow.

Yesterday I literally can describe as the best day of my life. I did nothing but yoga and eat.

Has anyone else experienced this? (or something similar)

.... i'm done with my old life ... I am going to be this every day or better. I am not going back. NEVER.

I am going to be happy and well....I want that for everyone. We deserve to live and live well.

May the Force be with you.

07-17-15, 03:16 AM
I wonder what the scientific evidence has to say about detox and cleanses? If I remember right, they can actually be dangerous, and cause an overgrowth of bad bacteria because you have removed the good bacteria. I also dont believe that this will help with adhd, which isnt a physical disorder but a mental one.
Ironically, when I saw your title it reminded me of the name of some kind of progressive, indy band.

07-17-15, 03:36 AM
ok....this one....good god

i have a deviated septum

My right nostril attains lower air breathing is often laboured because of allergies or smoking too much weed

right septum has shifted...

i think parasites are figuratively equivalent to "baby mamma drama"

07-17-15, 03:41 AM
.... so my ADHD is still there.

I also have a learning disability...thats still there too.

Its still very much kicking and strong.

The difference is more like everything else is better and improved. Its hard to describe.

To me...its just like describing ADHD to someone who does not have ADHD.

oh .... ALSO

*** I went to the optometrist last week. My vision three years ago was less than 20/20.

Last week.... it was 20/15.

My eye sight got better. Is it possible...this is some like...miracle isolated incident of life.

and even me my self. I could not read the 20/20 line a few years ago.

She put up some super small line this time and I read it.

07-17-15, 03:43 AM
My opinion:

Also....the Brain and the Mind are two different things.

ADHD exists in both and manifest differently in each because the brain is matter and the mind can't be explicitly described with language.

07-17-15, 04:54 AM
.... This is absolutely nuts.

07-17-15, 05:17 AM hearing is getting better.

I am a tool guy ... as in i know how tools and machines are suppose to sound for troubleshooting and diagnosing problems.

I use to run my schools radio station and have built sound rooms. I have a fantastic ear for acoustics.

... I also am into music and good recognition of sound.

and i am listening to music at the moment...songs I have heard hundreds of time...and i'm hearing entire spectrums of sound that I did not hear before.

Even earlier...I was watching TV and the sound was significantly lower.

Yesterday I would have had it at a volume level of 10-15

Today, 8 was loud.

07-17-15, 10:07 AM
Detox helps many things, including adhd symptoms, from my experience. But be very careful, especially if you aren't already eating a clean diet, as the OP described he has been doing for quite some time.

Peeps who jump in blindly and begin the process often end up making themselves very sick, mostly by not thoroughly researching and understanding the process well enough, or by not receiving reputable assistance in attempting it. Detox of any kind creates healing crises. Approach it very wisely if you choose to do so.

07-17-15, 10:11 PM
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07-20-15, 12:13 AM
Tried it. Didn't seem to work for me... It seemed to help my other medical symptoms (only temporarily), but not ADHD.

07-20-15, 12:59 AM
If you have ingested a toxic substance, go to the emergency room immediately, and tell them exactly what the substance was. If you have not, then "detox" of any kind is an illogical and pointless exercise.

07-20-15, 09:59 AM
My opinion:

Also....the Brain and the Mind are two different things.

ADHD exists in both and manifest differently in each because the brain is matter and the mind can't be explicitly described with language.

The word mind is a quale used for an emergent phenomenon that arises solely from the brain

07-21-15, 02:16 PM
I can't be supportive of something that is potentially harming. The OP is claiming to use psychiatric medication (Wellbutrin) together with alcohol and weed and how great it makes him feel. Not to mention putting a well-know irritant (coffee), among a bunch of other weird stuff, up his intestines. The potential for dangerous side effects is huge. Also, the positive effects sound seriously exaggerated. Considering the OP posted here before, I think he's is being honest. I don't doubt how he's feeling, but I do doubt what he is saying is true.

07-22-15, 05:55 AM
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08-10-15, 10:45 PM
Re: no.5 - isn't it supposed to get bigger as you age? Cause I've been with the same guy in his early and late 20s, and well noticed a difference.

Anyway, congratulations on your big improvements. I'm happy you are feeling healthier and less ADHD-y.

I warn you about organic vegetables though: though offer a very slight advantage to non-organic produce. I can send you a video link with sources on it and everything. Personally, I don't think they're worth the extra moula.