View Full Version : Disordered eating(especially binge eating) associated with impulsivity.

07-17-15, 08:05 AM

Personally this isn't an earth shattering paper, but I would say that it does raise the question of whether psychistimulants are effective in curbing the impulse to binge eat. I know that the question of whether to treat ADHD symptoms that occur in concert with bulimia has arisen before and there's been some concern over the appetite surpression effects of the meds.

07-23-15, 05:52 PM
Yep. Most of the scientists I follow are pretty meh about this. It's nothing they haven't considered before, and doesn't actually provide a solid conclusion for the question.

07-23-15, 06:42 PM
I'm a recovered anorexic , looking forward to having a read of this. Xx

07-29-15, 01:14 AM
I have EDNOS, compulsive eating, fasting. The adderall helps me, because I only eat till im full, problem comes when meds ware off. usually when I am feeling impulsive I dont take my meds on time and I binge.

09-09-15, 08:24 AM
It seams like just as I can't control myself moving from one chore to the next (rather then simply putting laundry away I fingers myself sorting for hours and rearranging my dresser) same with eating. I could not have a hand full of cheese nips. I would find myself "zoning out" and the stimuli of chip to mouth would cause me to eat the whole box. All makes sense right?

09-09-15, 12:10 PM
*find myself!!! Silly spell check

09-09-15, 01:19 PM
Vyvance has been approved for treatment of Binge Eating Disorder.