View Full Version : How do i know if i need a higher dose of ritalin?

07-17-15, 11:05 PM
so i have been diagnosed with adhd (primarily inattentive) i am 17 years old, female. i was diagnosed in may and my parents wanted to try working with a psychologist without medication first to see if it was a possibility but coping mechanisms didn t work, my thoughts are too uncontrollable (not bad thoughts either, just constant curiosity about things, sounds, anything, literally random stuff) so this past wednesday i was prescribed ritalin (generic form) (20mg) the doc didn't tell me if it was extended release or what but yeah so took it the first time today, and i feel tired a little bit which is opposite of what she said would happen and i still am having constant thoughts, i tried reading a book cuz i wanted to see if i can retain the info, which i got through a few more pages than normal but i still constantly had to tell my self focus which would in turn distract me. so do you think i need a higher dose? the psychiatrist said i am at the low end of the adhd spectrum and would start me on 20mg cuz it is so low, i go back in 2 weeks. it's hard to know what i should feel like cuz idk how a normal person thinks!!

07-18-15, 04:27 AM
Well to low of a dose can have the opposite effects as can to high of a dose. Its tricky business. The best thing is to look at your symptoms overall and if the majority of them are controlled then you know its the right dose.