View Full Version : Anyone have Strattera affect their taste buds?

07-18-15, 07:32 PM
I've had a decrease in appetite with Strattera (about 6 weeks in, now at 60mg), much more than with stimulants. This is fine as I've managed to eat smaller portions and healthier foods, so all is good there. I'm still eating like a regular person, just one who doesn't care that much about food. :)

(Re the appetite, it almost feels like I just don't need as much food for energy as I used to. I'm still active. But don't get tired despite these small meals. Win!)

I am curious, not that this is a real problem, but I feel like certain sweetened things are now TOO sweet for me. I've experienced this with sweetened cereal and even, recently, with chocolate (!). Maybe it's just the appetite thing. But it's almost like the sweetness is just TOO MUCH.

Anyone else have this experience?

At least there's always still cheese. :)

11-18-15, 03:02 AM
I'm at week 7 with Strattera and only recently have developed the dry mouth. Last few days, it seems. Strangest thing happened today at lunch. The Diet Coke didn't taste right. Then I tried the other drinks and the flavors seemed off too. Mentioned it to the staff, who tried it, and said it seemed fine. I didn't think much of it until after. I -know- Diet Coke, haha. It seemed flat and, yeah, too sweet. I'll have to pay attention to this going forward.

Carl 3.0
01-31-16, 02:22 PM
Senegalle, I have noticed a metallic taste which varies in intensity. Lately it has been weaker as I am in week 8 of my treatment. It does not affect the taste of food to me nor has it affected my diet. How are you doing now?