View Full Version : TMJ and ADHD

07-19-15, 08:21 PM
I'm gonna cut to the chase. I used to come here quite a lot for help. A couple years ago my life started slipping downhill, and it was only a short few months ago my doctors finally figured out why. It wasn't stupid 'depression' or 'women issues' and it certainly wasn't my cherished ADHD.

It was from an injury of my dislocated jaw, TMJ. An injury I had gotten since I was a kid, was supposed to be stabilized but somehow progressively got worse over the last few years. It had been giving me dizzy spells, vertigo, foggy brained, and I had been passing it off as ADHD. It was why my ADHD meds hadn't helped. To be honest, they might have been making it worse.. (Side effect of dry mouth strained my jaw muscles)

I am so sick and tired, and so frustrated, I want my jaw to heal already. I am having treatment, yes, but it's taking so freaking long. I just woke up crying because my life has been so screwed over by this stupid injury and everyone has been blaming me for not trying hard enough - even myself. My fault, my fault, I'm in denial that the cause is from my ADHD and I should be trying freaking harder because it's my fault I can't think straight.

I had to drop out of college to avoid losing my GPA a second time. I can't go back because I don't have a way to pay for it. I can't get a job because I can't focus. I wanted to join the Air Force - was denied. I lost my chance to pursue my dream career, and now I'm too old to try. Even if I fix my TMJ, I can't go back and try again because I took ADHD meds - they won't accept me.

I have nothing left. Every freaking opportunity is shut out on me. I already accepted I was a generic nerd: I was always physically weak but I could make up for it with a strong intellect. And now even that's blocked out because I CAN'T FOCUS. All I can do every day is sit around and do /nothing/ but pray to God to make my dizzy spells go away, and hope maybe tomorrow I'll be able to think clearly enough to do something.

I don't know why I'm posting this. I guess I'm just so tired and desperate for some kind of change, and I need any kind of help. I want a miracle. I don't want to live like this anymore. I am not gonna give up - I'm not a quitter. But it's been too many years of me sitting around doing nothing, and not knowing what to do anymore.

Someone help me.