View Full Version : Basil Tea? Other home remedies for cramps?

07-21-15, 06:33 AM
I dont usually bring up lady issues but these are desperate times. I have a cyst on my left ovary which can horrible cramps. Well I am suffering now and the limited OTC options for me because I cant take NSAIDS. I read that making basil tea can help. Any other home remedies anyone can think of?

07-21-15, 07:11 AM
For menstrual cramps, heating pad to the area.

(If pain is caused directly by cyst, rather than lactic acid in muscles like regular menstrual cramps, I'm not sure this would help.)

07-23-15, 12:53 AM
You could try a TENS unit ( transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation ). They should be about $26-45 usd. The tens 7000 unit is $26.50 and is pretty good. Don't place it near or across your heart. It should numb the area/pain. You can make the pads last a very long time if you use electrode gel (water might work as well) on them every once in a while as needed. I would ask your doctor about it. Other than that curcumin might dull the pain a bit but that's pretty iffy.

07-23-15, 02:34 PM
Vitex supplements worked for me until I got too lazy to take them. Aren't you suppose to have surgery if you have a cyst? I had a very large one removed a couple of years ago.