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07-23-15, 08:43 AM
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Dutch Hunger Winter Study
In utero development in the absence of food for mother resulting in later diabetes / schizophenia in child (then adult).

Mechanism unravelling
Tang WWC, Dietmann S, Irie N, Leitch HG, Floros VI, Bradshaw CR, Hackett JA, Chinnery PF, Surani MA. A unique gene regulatory network resets the human germline epigenome for development. Cell. 4 June 2015.
Crucially, however, the researchers found that this process does not clear the entire epigenome: around 5% of our DNA appears resistant to reprogramming. These ‘escapee’ regions of the genome contain some genes that are particularly active in neuronal cells, which may serve important functions during development. However, data analysis of human diseases suggests that such genes are associated with conditions such as schizophrenia, metabolic disorders and Dutch Hunger Winter Epidemiology.


At last !! Making sense... ... ...


Schizophrenia - often treated at the dopamine locus eg risperidone - 'dopamine antagonist'
Food intake - suppressed by eg dexedrine (potentiates dopamine) - a kinda' 'dopamine agonist'

What's going on ?
Food intake restriction selects for the metabolic type (wisdom) ie loss of self prematurely (schizophrenia) before the individual is ready cf loss of self (ego) with the acquisition of wisdom
Very similar idea used to describe autism - particularly Markham's 'Intense world Theory' cf opening the doors to perception (occurring upon acquisition of wisdom also)

So - both conditions relate to the premature acquisition of a feature which is set to be achieved upon attaining wisdom - but to attain wisdom features prior to completing the ground work leads to Intense World Theory of autism - incapacity to handle sensory information appropriately (cerebellum not ready) and Schizophrenia's loss of self.

Aspects of wisdom

1. Reduced food intake cf T2D/Obesity - shift from free dopamine to polymerized dopamine within neuromelanin
2. Loss of self cf schizophrenia
3. Cerbellar development to open the doors to perception cf autism

The combination of 2 underlying shifts for health (from conception to wisdom) - the simultaneous shift from carbs to fat usage [physical body development to completion/maintenance] and the sequential development of the cerebellum in handling information [mental body ie informational handling development from movement to completion/maintenance].

Completion/maintenance - escaping the co-ercive [primitive] reward system.

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Common disorders haven't been correctly understood due to the desire for finding evolutionary relics as opposed to future developments as causal.

General pattern of evolution is towards a species taking on the underlying qualities which we assume with wisdom.

Empathic - morality acquired - social organism generation <- Schizophrenia
Systematizing - consistency (really important!) with species wellbeing <- this is the key human disease cf politicians and their attraction to Human suffering
Sensory - well-accepted conenction between sensory world information and reward eg musical chills <- Autism mechanism
Reduced energetic need - essential for survival <- T2D/obesity mechanism