View Full Version : Have you ever tried to drink Ritalin?

07-24-15, 04:34 AM
Hi everyone,

I tried to put Ritalin in water and drink it. I feel it's more stable than just take it. My therapist said i can take ritalin in this way.

Does anyone try about this way?

07-24-15, 06:17 AM
Your therapist is not a doctor so I wouldnt rely on them for advice.

07-24-15, 02:08 PM
The instant-release Ritalin tablets are meant to be swallowed whole and to dissolve in your stomach.

...Also, doesn't it taste terrible?! I know a couple of times I've gotten a tablet stuck in my mouth/throat while trying to swallow it and it was pretty icky-tasting. :eek:

It is actually dangerous to tamper with some forms of methylphenidate, especially the long-acting ones, because doing so ruins the slow-release mechanism. Medication that was supposed to be released slowly over time may be released all at once.

If you have difficulty swallowing pills or feel a liquid form is preferable, there is an approved liquid form of methylphenidate called Quillivant XR ( I don't know if it is available in Taiwan, but you might want to ask your doctor about it.

07-26-15, 07:14 AM
This would be misuse of your med.

08-13-15, 11:45 PM
Doesn't it taste horrible? I've accidentally bit down on one, or got it stuck in my mouth when I was trying to swallow it and it started to dissolve a little bit. It was horrible tasting.
What would be the benefit of putting it in water?
Do you have trouble swallowing it?
I can't imagine that it would work any differently or that it would make it work better or something.
You could see about the liquid stuff or there are patches you can get, Daytrana I think it's maybe called? Then you don't have to swallow a pill.
My pills are very little though and generally easy to swallow except in the rare occasions one doesn't go down right away.
I would think this would taste very bad unless it is a form designed to be taken this way.

08-14-15, 02:08 AM
moderator note

if your therapist is directing you to dissolve your ritalin in water and consume, i would advise following up with him or her. i am not suggesting you are misusing your meds, per your clinicians instructions, but the question as asked falls afoul of our medication guideline.

the way "misuse" is defined on the forums includes taking prescription medication without a valid prescription or not as prescribed--and we use US federal law and FDA prescribing information sheets to assess proper usage. there are some methods of ingestion (including crushing, dissolving, and insufflation) that we cannot encourage or support because they are not permitted by the medication prescribing sheets. mentioning having a history of taking medication using one of those routes is allowable, but giving guidance, encouragement, or support for starting or continuing to is not.

so, since the nature of this thread is to ask about experiences with a method of ingestion that cannot be encouraged or supported, and any posts that do so would violate our guidelines, i need to close this thread.

as i said at the outset, i would encourage you to speak further with your prescriber about dissolving your medication if you have concerns. if you have any questions about this moderator note, please direct them to me or another medications moderator via private message.