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07-25-15, 11:15 PM
OK. Here's the thing: I'm getting better at picking up when I'm manic or what's bipolar/anxiety/not who I am or what reflects my actual situation in life but my sister she doesn't, and I can feel the pain she goes through. Because I was there once.

I think I can tell when she's manic. She came back very late, drunk, and this morning when I woke up I was overwhelmed with the smell of pot. I knew this would end in disaster. Then it happened. Someone accused her of being a narcissistic and our blunt as f**k roommate was like 'well, you are' and she just escalated. One thing that happens with her is that she will repeat the same thing over and over again. 'She called me a narcissist in my own home' - this over and over even after she seemed to cool down she'd just start up again.

She knows she has bipolar but would rather ignore the fact. She decided long ago that she would just live her life the best she could, without meds, without the label so it's really hard for me to do what I'd usually do.

Normally, if someone called someone with bipolar narcissist I'd say, 'it's just how you get when you're manic' but with my sister I don't know how she would take that.

She's calmed down now. I told her she's a good person and that I've been called a narcissist before. I can just shake it off but my sister takes it seriously.

I dunno. I just want her to be able to pick up when she begins to react and know what it means, and to stop herself before it gets worse.

Although it was a little funny how she said to my room mate, 'tell your friend that I'm the most amazing human being in the world and that I help out everybody in this world.' It's like she's telling people she's not narcissist but then says something like that. But I get it. I feel that way myself sometimes. I told my sister we both have a lot of confidence about ourselves and that can come off as narcissism.

This is what happens when you don't tell people about what condition you have. I'd rather just be honest if anyone ever said that to me.

But it's still horrible going through that dysphoria and then most probably becoming deeply depressed after. Weed makes me super paranoid, like people are spying on me or plotting against me paranoid so I steer clear of it. So, she's probably going through a really bad time now.

I just want to do something to make her feel better. I already bought her a heart shaped chocolate.

07-26-15, 06:48 AM
IME whenever I have been manic, I am the last one to realize this, if I even realize it at all.

07-26-15, 07:10 AM

This is what I wrote about bipolar mania recently.