View Full Version : Does anyone here have unusual facial features?

07-27-15, 06:06 AM
This study says that children with Asperger's have unique facial features (

Anyway, this described me perfectly. There was another study that said that some Autistics have smaller lung passageways, which could apply to some of you.

07-28-15, 11:31 PM
Ive been told that I look a bit like a cartoon....The small lungs contributed to quite the effort in PE when I was younger...I still tend to have less air capacity than everyone I know...even people shorter than me. Interesting that they would link this to ASD though..

07-29-15, 05:41 AM
I think there was already a thread like this? Anyway I take issue with how the study was conducted and the fact that physical attributes are connected to neurological/ psychological disorders.