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07-28-15, 03:50 AM
What an AMAZING forum. Over the years I've been here a few times, when something in Google linked back to a thread here. But a few days ago I signed up, and was going through the forum section by section, and for the first time in years of searching, I've noticed something that really seems to be the most specific description of what I suffer from. I've seen a few doctors over the years, but none have actually mentioned this or that there was an "inattentive" type of ADD. This term, as well as the things people say on this forum makes me feel like this is the place where I want to ask about my symptoms- I realize this isn't an official diagnosis, but as a crowd of people familiar in one way or another with various forms of ADD, what do you think...?

I am a calm person- I'm not overly emotional, I care, but not too much, I'm a very upbeat, happy person in general, with an optimistic outlook and do not suffer from depression or mood swings.

I wake up slowly- half an hour of moping slowly before I'm even half functional, no matter how much sleep I've had- I know this might be common for the whole world, but then it's not until the last few hours of the day (even to the point where my body starts to feel fatigued, like it's bedtime) does my mind start to wake up, or be able to think clearly.

When I am finally able to think clearly, I'm not high, but I am so happy and upbeat, finally able to function.

I live healthy- I don't drink, smoke, or even drink coffee. Originally it was because of careful parents, but in the 20+ years since I've lived away from home (I'm 45 now) I'm so desperate to be focused and/or productive, I never wanted to mess with my mind even for recreation. I'm not against taking medications, by the way- but have no addictions or dependency on any.

I LOVE starting over. A new To-Do list. Setting up a new computer, a new filing system. But as soon as it's 40% the way set up, I loose interest. I don't become uninterested, but somehow I can't engage my mind. It's very hard to explain. Again, sometimes Ritalin or caffeine will remedy this, but not as a consistent solution.

I desperately WANT to be productive- I research online, I take notes, I read self help stuff, I make to-do lists, but my focus and interest falls away whenever I do something- a hobby, a work project, even something I enjoy or sincerely want to do or learn. I don't become less interested, but somehow "interest falls away" is the only way to describe it. I can't explain it, and only since I've browsed this forum do people start to seem to speak or understand my language.

"Inattentive" seems to be the magic word- I can be interested, but then soon become dis-engaged. Ritalin works, but not after a few days/weeks. Caffeine works, but again, not in the same way on a regular basis. And I trust people in this forum to understand that it's really not at all about self-discipline or pill hunting... which has always been where things fall apart with doctors, they are so often skeptical or unable to prescribe anything anyway.

What type of doctor would I seek out (I self-pay, with no insurance, so looking for a specific, qualified doctor just by making appointments can be expensive) who would understand this type of problem and be capable to treat (including prescribe) for specifically this problem? In your opinions, do you think this sounds like ADD/Inattentive? Thanks in advance for your input.

07-28-15, 04:00 AM
What kind of doctor do you see for the ritalin script?

07-28-15, 04:24 AM
What kind of doctor do you see for the ritalin script?

Honestly, a doctor who just writes scripts. He's a legal doctor and everything, but the sort that sees 20 people in an hour and just writes prescriptions with a high doctor visit charge. He doesn't have the ambition or interest to consider or explore treatment options, but since this is better than nothing at the moment, I keep seeing him for the sake of refills.

I've had a terrible (think frustrating, expensive) history of looking for a doctor, because I self-pay, and many times doctors want to do some kind of alternative therapy and/or don't even have the ability to write scripts or don't want to for certain ones, but you don't know that until after the $150-$250 initial doctor visit. Or, they charge you for the visit and say they don't write scripts until at least the second visit, and then explain they want to try this-or-that or other options (as if I have unlimited time and money so they can "explore") or they then refer you to someone else who also takes a doctor visit to find out that they are not able to help you, or think you are doctor shopping, or skeptical in some other way. It's already exhausting to go through all that, but often times my money runs out before the hoops do.

But if my description points to a specific type of ADD or something else, and there's a specific type of doctor to see, I'm happy and willing to explore that and spend the time and money on it.

07-28-15, 04:29 AM
Ok, I see now. Well the first thing that comes to mind is a psychiatrist. It may be hard finding one that is interested in proper treatment because you are self pay however I see nothing wrong with finding a few and reading some reviews-I think there is some website, maybe rate-my-doctor something or other than could help you wade through the BS. You are right to seek a more specific diagnosis because if you do not had adhd you will want to treat what you do have.

08-04-15, 07:09 AM
Well to be honest, if you've managed to obtain a script for Methylphenidate (Ritalin), then you may as well as complain that you're still experiencing your symptoms so that you can be prescribed higher dosage.

But since you have got it, just take them as directed and see what happens. The diagnosis of an ADD/ADHD provides you with an entitlement to adjustments and medications, but medications are far more significant follow up than some cognitive behaviour therapy. If we all got scripts like this then we wouldn't really need to acquire a diagnosis.

As long as you're taking it directed, then it should be 'slightly' obvious that you have ADD/ADHD.

A CLINICAL psychologist could also diagnose you with ADD/ADHD, and WAIS is what CAN pick up your attention/concentration and organisational deficits.

08-04-15, 07:16 AM
Forgot to mention.......ADD/ADHD impairment that I have is very obvious, and I'm inattentive type. Siblings have hyperactive type, and I can see that one too.

But not to downplay your difficulties, but I can't take notes, clean my room, eat my breakfast, brush my teeth, read long enough, write long enough, forget things all the time, misplace things, lose things and much more. My intelligence is not a factor in those difficulties since I attend top 5 university in UK for engineering, and yet I still can't do basics.

It is all due to motivational deficits. It really has to be more than what you've wrote, either you're the lucky one :) or have missed out some finer difficulties.