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07-28-15, 06:00 AM
Last Wednesday was the start of my first week on Adderall, and my first day on any medication since I was a child. I've been prescribed 20mg IR 2-3 times per day, every 4-6 hours. I work the night shift stocking groceries. I've noticed the following since starting and am wondering if this progression is normal.

Night 1: Off work.

Felt calm, collected. Chatter in my head stopped and I could think clearly and follow orders from memory without needing constant feedback or reminders. I could speak clearly without tripping over words and the pitch of my voice slightly dropped. Very slight euphoria. However when the medicine wore off my brain became hyper again and I couldn't sleep the entire day.

Night 2: Work.

Obviously sleep deprived, I went to work and surprisingly got through the night. I felt okay mentally but physically exhausted. My heart was racing, I broke out into sweats and my mouth was extremely dry. I had no problem sleeping that day however.

Night 3: Work.

I went to work that night feeling okay, but one hour into my shift I felt horribly weak and got dizzy spells. Dry mouth was still there, but better. I went home early after fully explaining myself to my supervisor. Though I mentally felt okay the rest of the night, I still felt physically tired. I slept fine.

Night 4: Work.

On night four I felt mentally fine for the first half of my shift, but I was sweating like crazy. The dry mouth was gone. I had a terrible crash through my shift and nearly shut down until about an hour after I took the second dose. I slept well.

Night 5: Work.

I lowered the dose to 15 mg both times and timed things just right, there was no crash. I felt physically and mentally balanced, no more excessive sweating but the dry mouth was back with a vengeance. My appetite was better, I slept really well.

Night 6: Off work

So tonight I'm back on two 20mg doses. I just took the last dose at 2:45. All night I've been able to focus and my memory has been great, but I actually feel like I could fall asleep with the amphetamine in me which hasn't happened before. Also my appetite is close to what it was before starting the drug. I still have dry mouth, but I've been drinking water all night like crazy. Did I mess something up or could this actually be me finally balancing out?

So far this has been the best/worst experience of my life. I hate the fact that I have to rely on a drug to function properly, but in my wife's own words:

"When you're on the medication it's like you've come back down to earth."

07-28-15, 07:37 AM
In my experience,
Routine is really important if your doing night work.
It will get better.
Magnesium and Vit C at the end of your shift.
Ride out the bumps and pace yourself.
Always under medicate.
Don't bite off more than you can chew; it's a marathon not a sprint.

Hope this helps.

07-28-15, 11:56 AM
Consistency is the most important factor when taking meds. You need to take the same dose at the same times each day IMO.

07-28-15, 02:07 PM
You must be visiting your doctor within a couple of weeks right? I'd just print out your diary and take it to him. Lots of people complain about the consistency of adderall (feel great one day, then crappy the next), but it could just be your metabolism reacting to a new medication.

07-28-15, 09:39 PM
Dry mouth and sweating are normal side effects of adderall. If you want aviod crashing, maybe ask ur doctor to try the extended release.

07-29-15, 04:28 AM
if the 15mg worked why go back up to 20?