View Full Version : Anyone else postpartum? How are you doing?!

07-29-15, 06:26 PM
I'm 8 weeks postpartum this is always when my ppd and anxiety hit me. I have 3 children and this was my last. I take adderall ir 20 mgs twice daily and lexapro 10 mgs. I started the pill 10 days ago and lost my *****ing mind! I have been extremely anxious,agitated and weepy. I stopped it yesterday and my husband and I are considering permanent options.

For those of you who have had children and experienced ppd along with add what did you take? I need my adderall to function but wonder how it helps or doesn't help with the postpartum depression and anxiety.

I'm not breast feeding so that's not an issue but you all know how hard it is to keep it together on no sleep while caring for your babies. I also have a 14 month old that still is not sleeping thru the nights either!

Everything is so complicated when you're caring for tiny humans and going thru this crazy postpartum time! Anyone else where I am?!

07-30-15, 05:18 AM
I had PPD that got worse with each kid. I have three. The last one ( she is almost 12) I only took my BPII meds. I wish I had know more then and taken my stimulants. Keep in touch with your doctor and family during this time.

08-09-15, 04:58 PM
Hi and welcome to the forums,

My daughter is twenty weeks today. I don't have postpartum depression (or depression generally), but I do have diagnoses in addition to ADHD.

I took psychiatric medication throughout pregnancy for the non ADHD bits. It wasn't ADHD medication, but I suspect ADHD medication would be less risky.

I did get diagnosed with postpartum OCD and added yet another medication, which is helping.

My psychiatrist considered the risk of me going off all of my meds far greater than the low risk to her during pregnancy and even during breastfeeding. Most medications are class c simply because there's no data on them/they've not been studied in pregnant women.

I think it's worthwhile to ask what your options are. Sometimes lowering dosage and streamlining meds can be enough to get you by, too.

Hope that helps and congratulations on your new baby!

04-07-16, 11:18 AM
Unfortunately, when you have ADD you're automatically included into postpartum depression risk group. try to share your feelings and get support from your friends and family and undergo a checkup (maybe you'll be prescribed another medication). You can also look for some info on ppd and pass the quiz to estimate the extent of your depression. I hope everything will be alright!