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07-30-15, 02:17 PM
I was diagnosed 2 years ago at the age of 32 after my son was diagnosed - once I started reading and learning about it the lightbulb came on and it was like, "omg, there's nothing inherently wrong with me! I have ADHD!"

Anyways I went back to college full time last year. I've always been a good student because I hyper focus on it. My biggest issue is memory...although sometimes I think that's not the right word for it?


I had a class that ALWAYS ended at 2:30 & therefore right after I had to go pick up my kids from school. But a few times I'd get out of class thinking it was 1:30 for some reason and go to the library instead, completely forgetting to pick up my kids because I was all screwed up on time.

Got an awesome parking spot one day. At the end of the day I hiked 1.5 miles to my usual not-good spot, panicked thinking my car was stolen, then finally remembered.

Sometimes in the shower I'll forget and only turn off one part of the faucet - as in I'll only turn off the cold water completely forgetting to turn off the hot and then nearly scald myself.

I'll say things that are completely not true with no intention of lying. It's like I say them backwards or something & the thought just isn't in my head right. Usually after I say it I'm like, "wait no, that's not right at all, I meant to say..."

In lab I kept accidentally throwing away the things I should keep and keeping the things I should have thrown away even after I mentally tried to focus & organize the "keep" and "throw away" into appropriate piles (but then I obviously threw away the wrong pile!).

So my doc started me on strattera, 18 mg. I've never been on any other meds although once I tried one of my son's ritalins just to see since it's a miracle drug for him (it was 10 mg) and it made me feel really shaky.

Anyways I felt like the strattera maybe helped a little? I wasn't sure so he upped it to 25 mg.

I think that maybe I don't have as many thoughts spinning through my head at once. And my memory is a tad better. I don't forget to pick my kids up and eventually I do remember to return library books. But the other stuff is just as bad or maybe even worse! Now even more ridiculous untrue statements come out of my mouth. The other day my husband was organizing my papers (yay!) and he was asking "keep or throwaway?" and I accidently told him to throw away a bunch of important stuff :mad:

I have several more labs this coming semester plus I'm applying for a 4+1 masters program so next year I'll be doing both senior year bachelors work and first year masters work at the same time. I HAVE to figure this out.

WWYD? Is the Strattera only helping me partially? I just need a higher dose? My doc didn't even want to really raise me from the 18 to the 25 mg. Should I go to a psychiatrist instead?

08-03-15, 07:37 AM
My doc didn't even want to really raise me from the 18 to the 25 mg. Should I go to a psychiatrist instead?

That is quite a low dose. Yes.

Tapering on.... 4 - 6 weeks in between 25 to 40 is where most start to get consistent response.... Before that...... Most have scattered / oddish moments in the day.... Not really frequently... For me it was irratability in the afternoons and around midday.... Mostly the afternoons.... for an hour or so....

08-05-15, 09:05 PM
I convinced the doc to raise me up to 40 mg. I'm still wondering if I should see a psychiatrist instead just because the pace at which my doc is titrating up my meds is just way too slow. He had me on the 18 mg for 3 months, then the 25 mg for what would have been another 3 months before I saw him again but I called the other day and he agreed to up it to 40 mg.

By the time I get it all figured out I'll be done with school! :(

08-06-15, 06:54 PM
You should be taking at least 60mg, probably 80 for a month for it to work. You are wasting your time with 40mg or less.

08-29-15, 07:11 PM
I started noticing benefits after a few days on 25 mg, but it was pretty subtle. It wasn't till I went up to 40 mg a week later that it really began to kick in. I ended up at 60 mg before having to quit due to side effects, but it definitely was otherwise working very well.

So, yes, 25 mg is pretty low and while you shouldn't rush the titration, 3 months per dosage level seems way too long.

I would definitely try to find a good psychiatrist if you can.

08-30-15, 10:06 AM
I ended up going up to 40 mg but then going off it completely a week later due to side effects. I already have some major eye issues which involve dry eyes & I think it was making it way worse.

I went off it completely & haven't been on anything else. At first I didn't notice any difference without the meds except TBH I felt much happier. I was ok on the meds, and not depressed/moody, but I was on the lower end of my normal chipper self. After being off it 1-2 weeks I noticed that I am more flighty again, have a conversation only to realize I don't recall what the other person was talking about, short term memory generally sucks, etc..

I have an appt with a psych in a few weeks to help figure out meds that will work for me.

I think if stimulants don't work for me I might see if I can go back to the 25 mg straterra - while it did not have a huge impact, I think it possibly had a small positive one that was at least helpful while I'm in school.

09-01-15, 01:09 PM
In general, stimulants have a higher success rate than Strattera; it's likely you will find one that works well for you, if your doctor decides to go that route. It just might take some time to find the right medication and dosing schedule. I'm still working on that over a year and a half after being diagnosed.