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08-01-15, 04:58 PM
Heya, been away for a bit but I did promise an update to my teaining regiment. I want to say that a good diet and my hyper focus adhd has helped me a lot these last 18 weeks. I hope this helps those who want to get back in the gym.

Starting weight 187lbs with 24% body fat
ending weight 165 with 12% bf

Diet: about 100 grams of protein a day of shakes, meats, fish, and egg whites. Very low carbs with one cheat day! Also, muscle milk when im lazy and dont want to cook.

Supplements: b12, iron, arginine, fat burners, ephedrine(Bronkaid), motrin

Mindset: no goals, no thinking, just do it and make it a habit to gym 4-5 times a week.

Challenges: fought through depression often and started smoking
again after losing my new job. Adhd made it impossible to make a shedule so I just went randomly but often to workout.

Pics attached are week one, week 8, week 18



08-01-15, 05:04 PM

I lost a decent amount with gymming and diet too, but I quit and it's piling back on.

08-01-15, 05:11 PM
Happy for ya', Chem!!! I just checked the scales today and am approaching the 50lb. weight loss mark after 116 days of radical change. This is the first time in my life I've EVER taken weight off without purposely trying.

Eating mucus less and mucus lean foods/beverages while combining purposeful movement that I love is the magic combination for my bod. The simpler, the better. What a great feeling to unlock the mystery after so f'n long. WooooHooooo!!!!

08-01-15, 05:20 PM
Great work Chemmy



08-02-15, 03:03 AM
well done, congratulations!

Little Missy
08-02-15, 07:14 AM
Well, I'll be! Go, man, go!

Wasn't that a book by Dr. Seuss?

08-02-15, 10:41 AM
no goals, no thinking, just do it

words to live by, for real

Take a moment and thank yourself from yourself and another moment to take some pride in your accomplishment.

Because you’ve earned those two moments, for certain. Well-done!

08-03-15, 05:21 PM
Thanks guys! Im always taking on new ventures and this one was worth it. Now im thinking whats next, maybe pilates lol

01-27-16, 04:52 AM
great work. i started lifting again too.
but i don't use protein shakes.

just vitamin B's and proper eating