View Full Version : How many mgs of lexapro are you on? I'm also on adderall ir

08-02-15, 01:10 AM
I have been taking 10 mgs of lexapro for a year and a half. I also take adderall ir 25-40 mgs per day. I have just recently in the past month felt my anxiety and depression increase, I am also 8 weeks post partum so basically I'm a hot mess of nerves, no sleep and hormones.

I'm trying to decide if I should increase my lexapro to 15 or 20 mgs but am nervous about side effects. I have to be on lexapro in order to calm my anxiety/inattentive add.

Anyone find this combo therapeutic? It was for me at 10mg lexapro up until recently, maybe I need to increase!

08-07-15, 10:44 AM
I am on 30mg lexapro and 30mg dexamphetamie (we cant get adderall in aus)

i was on 30 mg of lexapro before starting stim treatment (tried both ritalin (LA, SA, and concerta) now on dex.

personally side effects increasing from 10mg - 20mg weren't terrible; mild headache for 2 weeks and increased anxiety and i only experienced these for about 10 days until the brain got used to the jump in meds.

If you say you have been on both for sometime (atleast a month) talk to your pscyhiatrist it may be time to increase your dose, or even change meds (from what i understand lexapro isnt the best drug around for depression).

You might also benefit from psycho therapy for your postpartum depression, i couldn't imagine having a new borne would help anxiety, depression or ADD.

I find irregular sleep patterns is the single biggest factor whether Lexapro works or not even on my high dosage.
sometimes it feels like it does nothing from severely disturbed sleep ( shift work or going out too much)

01-22-16, 02:19 AM
Hi. I'm combining 60mg Lex & between 45 to 60mg Dex and have responded to this dosage excellent. Everyone's different I suppose and I make sure I'm working very closely with my medical team and also keep a daily medication, activity & mood log to ensure we're on track. I know the prescribed meds are right, so toggle a little with the dosages depending on the day and how I feel. I see it as if I'm equal or under the max dose per day, I have room to move.

07-29-16, 12:38 PM
Dont worry at that dosage you shouldnt really have any side effects as long as you dont have any already.
I was on 50mg on lexapro and 50mg Adderall XR and 2 50mg IR as boosters in the afternoon. plus xanax because the lexapro didnt help my anxiety one bit.
It only improved my mood a bit, but yea dont worry youll be fine.

FYI I have a super high metabolism dont take as much as i do unless your doctor says so after a genetic test proving you have a super high metabolism!