View Full Version : Caffeine, sugar and ADHD, question

08-02-15, 03:54 PM
so Adderall works very very well. it doesn't for some and does for others.

from what I understand, it hits certain parts of the brain. Caffiene, I've heard is the poor mans stimulant, sugar and nicotine too.

my question is what I've been feeling lately with caffeine, and it's been partly because I'm focusing on it. it seems that when I drink caffeine I tend to be a lot more distracted (when on adderall atleast).

and I was thinking, caffeine, unlike Adderall, tends to hit the entire brain, pumping up the entire CNS. stimulating all the emotional receptors as well (if I have it right, if not someone can correct me, I Would love to know this stuff).

so that makes a lot of sense if that is the case. you overload the emotional centers of the brain they are going to be pushing your pre frontal more, everything asking for way more attention than would be.

do I have that right? if that's correct then it would seem that people with ADHD should avoid caffeine. like today, right now, I'm working on getting up early (because of college in a few weeks), but I'm being overtly distracted, more than usual (lots of caffeine and sugar, a redbull 16 oz)

08-02-15, 07:32 PM
There is that way of thinking about it, I guess... I think it's simply that too much caffeine or sugar is bad. And when taking a stimulant, "too much" caffeine for me becomes a quarter of a cup of coffee. An eighth of a cup, I can tolerate.