View Full Version : Newbie looking for recommendations (Scottsdale/Phoenix)

08-03-15, 12:38 AM
Hi Everyone. I hope there are some of you who can help me out. I was recently diagnosed and I'm struggling. The doc that diagnosed me was good for prescribing meds, but not much else. I'm looking for some kind coaching and other treatments (I'm willing to try pretty much anything at this point) in the North Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Is anyone familiar with any doctors/clinics in the area that you've had success with or want to recommend? I would also prefer someone who takes insurance.
Thanks in advance for the advice and help.

08-03-15, 02:06 AM
Hey - welcome to the forum. I know nothing about the Phoenix area but you might learn a lot on here too.

No matter who you work with or what their reputation is, keep in mind that what works for you (and doesn't work for you) is the final word on your own success. Don't stick with anyone's plan unless you're starting to see good results from it.

08-23-15, 07:36 PM
Welcome. There's a lot of different websites you can find on search engines with good information on coping skills. That's about all I can think to recommend. There are a lot of people on here that can provide more personal help too of course.