View Full Version : I just stopped Wellbutrin and ALL my prescribed drugs cold turkey

08-06-15, 07:07 AM
After 10 months of trying this whole "let's see if medication will work!" and being so excited about the "new me" medication was going to make me, I just quit taking all my meds.

If you read any of my other ranting/whining/complaining posts in the last 10 months, they are all about how no medications work for me and I feel NO effects that everyone else does. No good effects, no bad ones, and VERY minimal side effects (if any!)

10 months, 10 meds. Not one worked. I was on high doses of the most powerful drugs for ADHD, Anxiety (FIVE mg's of Klonopin with no effect!) Bi-Polar, and Depression...None of the drugs worked. I'll make my joke one last time..."It was like swallowing Tic Tacs every day."

I stayed on the Wellbutrin the longest. December 2014 until July 2015. For some reason I just kept taking that one, just to see if it would kick in some day. It never did.

Two weeks ago I stopped all four of the meds I was on (Wellbutrin, Depakote, Seroquel and as-needed Klonopin) I just stopped taking them completely.

Absolutely nothing happened. I have no idea why others need to "wean" off drugs. No idea why people shout "OMG! Stopping your meds without Dr. consent is SO dangerous! You can't DO that!"

I did it. Annnnnd just like the fact that the meds did nothing, stopping them also did nothing. I feel exactly the same. Withdrawals? What's that?

I guess it's true, I am completely resistant to drugs. 10 months of HIGH doses of Adderall. Ritalin, Ativan, Klonopin...and many othe random drugs in between...all had zero effect. What a waste of time.

So that's that. I was SO excited to finally start the whole "getting my life on track and actually making the step to taking medication so my life will improve" and it turns out I am resistant. I know it takes "years" to "get the right combination" some times, but I dont feel like poisoning myself any longer for no reason. Even my doctor is baffled that NONE of these drugs work.

I'm jealous of all of you because meds seem to work. I'm even jealous of your BAD reactions, because a BAD reaction is better than taking FIVE high dose pills at once and feeling exactly the same.

So No more meds for me. I just have to continue on with my normal odd behavior at get fired/"let go" from jobs and lose friends because I'm "weird" and "talk too much" and get told " are SO ADHD!! get some meds!!" and having panic attacks with zero relief besides waiting for them to pass.

It's funny, ALCOHOL works. It worked GREAT. Completely motivated me, completely STOPPED anxiety and panic, and made me feel great...BUT I stopped drinking for the last 10 months while on these medications and it turns out alcohol had made me REALLY BLOATED and I had no idea. I lost 50 pounds of FAT from not drinking (never knew I needed to lose weight!) and I look awesome. So that's one awesome thing that came out of all this. I can't drink anymore because turns out alcohol makes me as fat as ****, so that's motivation to not do it anymore even though it helps my mental issues!

So I guess the trade off is that I'm a really good looking insane person with massively annoying ADHD. And now friends have stopped inviting me out because "You don't drink anymore so why invite you out to parties?"

Oh well. This sucks. Maybe my new good looks will help me keep my next job. I heard good looking people are allowed to be crazy! lol

08-06-15, 10:13 AM
Just curious..what other drugs did you try besides the four you mentioned?

08-06-15, 10:19 AM
Here's the complete list:

1. Adderall (for ADHD)
2. Ritalin (For ADHD)
3. Tenex (for Anxiety and ADHD)
4. Ativan (For Anxiety)
5. Klonopin (For Anxiety)
6. Wellbutrin (For depression)
7. Inderal (For ADHD/Anxiety/Impulse Control)
8. Triliptal (For Bi Polar)
9. Depakote (For Bi-Polar)
10. Seroquel (For Mood Stabilization and my "manic behaviors")