View Full Version : Graffiti on the Road

08-08-15, 03:55 PM
I think
I speak
I know
I hear
You think
I saw
I had
To blink
There are times
I know what to say
And times when I dont know what to think
I guess
I suppose
This makes me weak
Just like you
Like you
I wait
For someone to feed me the answers
Or tell me what to think
Should we compare notes
We might say
Grab your hat
Grab your coat
Its time to roll
Ride down this empty street
To where
we wont know
But I wonder
Does that scare you?
To know
im scared too
Does that make us fools
Or does this make us brave?
their words may say
Only our will knows the way
Whether we were brave is our choice to make
All I know is im terrified
to stay and die
this way
To never know what could come of our name
And I dont care anymore
Of what they might say
In truth
Theres only one choice in life to make
To live or to die
To walk the pagans road,
To live free and let the world ask why
To take the road not traveled until we die
And find the light we both know
Does that make you scared?
I think It makes me smile to know
Im scared too,
But I wont let this fear define my life or become my name
I wont let fear determime my road