View Full Version : By Far One of the Best Things I've Read

08-09-15, 06:27 AM
This 4 page read is so wonderfully written, and has some of the most helpful and most accurate information that I've come across in a long time about Autism (for me). WU1Yjc4OWNh/view?pli=1

And it's arranged in nice easy-to-understand bubble graphics - all of the information is organized(bullet points) and categorized.

dvdnvwls and I read it together - he was all like "okay, when did these people study you and write papers in detail about you??" :lol: (it seriously could have been an info page about me personally)


Just super excited to have found this, hope it helps others out too. :)

08-09-15, 03:12 PM
Having learned some of these things about autism and you, by trial and error (mostly error), and seeing what I had learned written down - plus so much more that I need to learn to get a clearer picture - feels refreshing and liberating. Maybe that's strange, I don't know... it's just... being on the right track feels good, I guess, even if I'm not far along that track yet.

For me, as someone who isn't autistic living with someone who is, I'm very grateful to see arrows leading in certain directions - that there's a logic or at least a cause-and-effect behind all this, that X generally leads to Y, so if you don't want Y then stay away from X. Sometimes I've heard "Don't X! X better not happen, or it will be bad!" - and I would be kind of scared because I didn't really understand why X was such a problem, and if there were any other X's lurking in the shadows. I think this set of diagrams really helps me with some of that. :)