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08-10-15, 03:29 PM
I had a hoop making party last year, after pricing what it costs to buy them from others, but never perfected the art of being able to actually hoop with it......until now. :yes:

It's a great workout that targets many areas at once in a relatively small amount of time, requires a need for damn good music, and strengthens the core, which is instrumental in improving my overall flow a great deal.

It's giving me ideas of possible hoop making ventures and workshops in the woods. Welcome to Hula Hoops and Endless Brain Loops, y'all!! Hahahahaha!

Anyway, have fun if you decide to try it. :)

08-11-15, 02:01 AM
Shoot I was all excited thinking this was step by steps on the actual hoola hooping part. I have never gotten the hang of it. I have lovely child bearing hips that dont seem to want to gyrate that way.

08-11-15, 01:30 PM
I've not given birth, but I have me some impressive hips to try to tame and teach to gyrate different ways, too. lol

Things I've learned along the way that you may find handy:

Be sure the hoop is weighted and made for adults. The ones you pick up in typical retail stores aren't going to work, no matter how well you can gyrate.

Instead of standing with feet side by side, I put one foot out in front of the other just a bit for better balance. I'm always barefoot and in the grass, unless it's raining and I'm inside.

I clasp my hands together above my head to keep them out of the way and to help keep my body more centered. I tend to hit the hoop once I get it going if I don't do that.

Music! Must be something that stirs the soul as well as the hips, or the flow just won't go. It smooths out the whole process.

Little Missy
08-11-15, 03:47 PM
And once again, The Uns is so descriptive, its just like being there!

08-14-15, 03:23 PM
Hot damn!!!!!!! I hooped through an entire song today for the first time EVER. Oh yes I did!!! :)

I went from not being able to hoop at all, except for around my arm or neck, to feeling like a f'n hip gyrating, tempo changing pro. Hahahahaha!!!

A little practice each day, to music I really dig, for about 2 weeks, and ta-da!!! And it works a lot of muscles I forgot I had. lol I wish I could have you all over for a hoop making party. I want to make more now. :) Hoop fee-vah!

Little Missy
08-14-15, 04:19 PM
What song?

08-14-15, 04:25 PM

10-06-15, 10:34 AM
I tried to hula hoop once.

But then I got stuck.


lol :p

10-06-15, 10:58 AM
That's why I made my own, homey. lol

I've learned that hooping on a cold autumn morning is a great way to get warmed up and to get my mojo working for the day. Otherwise, I stay curled up in my big fuzzy robe and just wish to drift off back to sleep. I can even navigate the furniture better now, so I don't have to totally rearrange the room to hoop. lol

Never ever thought I'd be able to hoop after so many years of trying, but whoomp, here it is! Highly recommended and such a hoot to do. It only took me a little over a year to make it, try it, put it up for months, then dig it back out with a little more all the other years I failed miserably at it and just said f*** it. It's a bit cliche', but for real, if I can do it, I'm fully convinced anyone can.

10-06-15, 04:42 PM
Apparently the size of the hola hoop is really important, in relation to waist size.

10-06-15, 05:29 PM
Size and weight of the hoop matter a great deal.....and we try wayyyyyyyy too hard at first. lol I'm really surprised I didn't throw something even further out of joint in the beginning.

I have some friends who belong to a performing fire and dance troupe and she was telling me how the different weighted ones were good for certain stunts. Imagine a hoop on fire. lol Yikes!

10-08-15, 01:00 PM
I hope to one day hoop like this rhythmic beauty (holy s***, she's got some moves):

Little Missy
10-08-15, 01:15 PM
So that is really you, right Unsy?:)

10-08-15, 01:38 PM
So that is really you, right Unsy?:)

Hahahaha! Boy, don't I wish!! Part of my spirit resides with her, but she gets all the credit for the moves. :lol:

10-10-15, 11:12 AM
Another big ol' dose of "hoopspiration". Transformation has to be made as fun and intriguing as possible for it to ever work in my world. Hooping has proven to be a life enhancer for sure. Grateful for those sharing their journeys to inspire others:

10-11-15, 09:15 PM
And sometimes, all you need is a huge dose of cuteness to inspire: