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08-11-15, 02:47 AM
See - Kunga Dorji for posts on PNS shutdown (vagal shutdown), treatment of asthma by PNS antagonism and fibromyalgia connected to ADHD

[1] Noticed once again that ADDers (me and #2) couldn't stand the pain of the starter pistol in an athletics competition.
[2] Felt like we were frozen by the pain.
[3] Not a seeming problem for anyone else - this must connect excess neural sensitivity under 'stressor' (information overload) to increased PNS functioning.
[4] Increased PNS functioning -> asthma, fibromyalgia (note excess tiredness and stiffness)

... ... ... all in line with a strong connection between HSP (increased sensitivity) and ADHD/fibromyalgia.

:-) fibrofog - I'm sure I've heard of that before.

So - increased sensitivity must mean that what is distressful will have a lower threshold ie more easily stressed - and the consequence of stress is eating (high fat/ high sugar) which stimulates the opiate system to de-activate pain/stress.

Pain -> cardinal symptom of fibromyalgia.

Yes - recognize all of those pressure points on wikiP/fibromyalgia.
The muscular stiffness is overwhelming.


Excess sensitivity requires an environment of calm.
And we better work out how to do it quickly because the sensitive ADDers are emerging.

08-11-15, 02:52 AM
So ... ... see all research on HSPs -

- but simply ADDers prefer calm.

Absolute calm.

Can do anything and more that others require as long as we're not subject to information overload.

The fibromyalgia aspect of ADHD particularly excess pain, stiffness and tiredness is hard to live with.

Just immersion of sensitivity in insensitivity.

08-11-15, 02:55 AM
The emergence of ADHD.

Emergence of HSP.

Exposure of HSP to stress - leads to pro-insulin foods - diabetes/obesity epidemic currently occurring.

Problem - can't solve with food, exercise ... ... yes ideal foods and exercise - but ultimately have to live a simpler life.

Or in the words of Shadow, Heart of darkness.

"We were in the jungle, there were too many of us, we had access to too much money, too much equipment, and little by little we went insane"

08-11-15, 03:20 AM
... ... data have suggested that FM may stem from dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system.

I guess it's easy to solve disease if 'you're' the disease model.

They're all co-incident eg see Athos where there's no Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, heart disease, diabesty and little cancer.

Current emergence of a more sensitive sort which becomes stressed more easily - consequences of chronic stress = diseases of Western living.

What's the root basis to the chronic stress of living ?
Not being in charge of one's own destiny.

You have to pay the insurance guy because you cna't have a house without buildings insurance
You have to pay the electricity guy as you can't eat without electricity.
You have to pay the mechanic guy as you have to go to work by vehicle to pay for your buildings insurance/electricity
... ... and so it continues

You haven't freedom of self-determination - and this leads to co-ercive behavious many of which you really do not want to do.
Have freedom - and you're free to exercise in the silence in the sun in ketosis all day tending one's garden ... ... eliminating all ADDer/human distressors eg

exposure to rude people (in workplace),
the need to consider stupid ideas (the workplace propagates only dull moronic ideas relating to increasing profit of the organization),
the production of unhealthy foods eg sugar, starch, industrial vegetable oils, factory farmed animal products (all scientifically proven as bad for us) - since these are only produced as addictively appealing and CHEAP to maximise some corporation's profit
the need to consider money - as it won't exist ... ... no young person will be able to afford housing soon
the money/law/political framework - without money no hierarchy can exist.
List too easy to continue - so will stop ........................................

- Takehome message -

Distress to (newly emerging) sensitive results in diseases ravaging society - the distress results from sensitivities which the ADDer is best placed to identify - there are simple ones like loud noises, violent images which over-stimulate/stress us into pain ... ... but the key stressor - is of the oppressive relationship which human beings adopt through money ie Master -> Slave eg the current 0.1% movement.

All that this (above) idea does is suggest that trying to fit the individual into a hierarchical system results in disease to all - because the individual's mind knows that it's not right - and cannot (without breaking themselves) - throw themselves into the hierarchical workplace scheme without breaking themself.

Note - the problem isn't making things better - it's pretending to make things better under a reward system which actually is seeking to make things better for the only the individual his specific self.

So - underlying all of the problems we have - lies the simple choice of enjoying working for species benefit vs selfishly working for one's own benefit.

Or - the higher vs lower reward system - which can be considered the neural vs genomic reward system ie nerves don't want to win, only genomes (as a part of their evolutionary development) choose to do this.


Emergence of neural sensitivity gives rise to the HSP/ADDer - exposure to distress gives rise to the diseases of Western living. All overcome by adopting a society which is 'chilled out' - this is accomplished by allowing people to negotiate their path through life without having to earn money to survive - you're then free to exercise in the silence in the sun in ketosis all day tending one's cerebellar (arbor vitae) garden (from programming to carpentry) ie becoming personally better (cerebellar automatising behaviour) because you want to.

<- the cure to 'why education/workplace destroys creativity' - VOLUNTARYISM -> tending one's garden at the cerebellar level - makes you personally, intrinsically better - and with that comes creative insight
(necessary because CAPITALISM is set to fail soon conditional on global population reduction).

"We were in the jungle, there were too many of us, we had access to too much money, too much equipment, and little by little we went insane" or paraphrased - everyone's an expert - all that this has given rise to is is a massive amount of data - which nobody has known how to synthesize into a consistent whole - because synthesis of data has been the enemy (ie will result in unemployment) of people ... ... make something so simple that anybody can do it - and you're obsolete ... ... however make something so complex that only you can do it - and then make it necessary by some law - and you're safe.

Ultimately - we're looking at distress in people through all people systematically working for only themselves - not for species benefit - and all of the usual consequences - from war to famine, from unemployment to crime ... ... result.

Culprit - Money and the Love of Money.
The love of money = the primitive reward system and can be overcome with a change in the structure of society which encourages people to become personally, intrinsically better at nobody else's expense - by eliminating expense claims - through eliminating money.

08-11-15, 03:39 AM
Key point from this thread.

Placing autonomic nervous system dysfunction as subservient to eg sensory neural overload via stress - stress defined as operating outside of the bounds of happy sensitivity of the eg sensory network ie over-stimulation.

Nerves are programmed to die/deactivate if constantly, chronically over-stimulated eg the mechanism of operation of Deep Brain Stimulation; rest periods essential for recharging their batteries :-).

08-11-15, 04:01 AM
you're free to exercise barefoot in the silence in the sun in ketosis all day tending one's garden

With the notable exception of underpants - all of the above is free.

I wonder if anybody has ever tried wearing leaves ?

Doh! Pesky patent's taken by these 2 cavorting lunies.

Note - apple :mad: / snake :mad::mad: both removed.

snake - temptation - love/desire -> love/desire of money <- selfish reward system lost for social reward system
apple - thing used to tempt -> money (capitalism) discarded for voluntaryism


Social reward system develops naturally in an environment of voluntaryism.